Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weird Tulsa Stuff on Ebay

While isn't the only thing anyone ever talks about anymore (remember when it was? Boy, I'm glad those days are over), it's still better than going head to head with the crazies on Craigslist when it's time to sell some weird stuff.

Lots of folks harboring Tulsa knick-knacks agree. Check it out.

That's a old hot water heater, purportedly from the old Hotel Tulsa, demolished at 3rd and Cincinnati thanks to urban renewal in 1972.

Now, it's on Ebay. For $300.

Then, there's this:

I won't vouch for the authenticity of this saloon sign, but either way, it's total weirdness.

Then there's this pretty little lady:

Her name's Tulsa, and she's a real rodeo gal.

For the record, I think Tulsa is an excellent name for a new baby, boy or girl.

And now for more weird Tulsa stuff on Ebay:

Every body needs a vintage car dealer decal sometimes. Especially if it has oil derricks on it. 

Because who doesn't love sending postcards depicting the entrance to a toll road? 

See Turner Turnpike! Great views!


My dad, ever the Elvis fan, confirmed the authenticity of this poster image. He knew without looking, though, that there were two Elvis concerts at the Fairgrounds Pavilion that spring evening - one at 7:30pm, one at 10:30pm - and that tickets started at $1.75 and went up to $2.25. Both shows were sellouts, my dad's pretty sure. 

My dad was too young to see Elvis in 1956, but he wasn't on Independence Day 1976. On the date of our country's bicentennial, he was $12.50 poorer for his tickets to see Elvis the last time he performed in T-Town. He still has his ticket stubs and the Tulsa World review of the show. 

It's okay, Dad. I'm sure that when Elvis un-disappears, he'll play a show at the BOK Center. 

Crazy, right? I'm sure we'd all have a hard time convincing the folks at BOK Center to let tickets to a big headliner act like Elvis go for $12.50. 

An old Tulsa transit coin. 

From back in the days when Glencliff Dairy delivered milk in glass bottles right to the doorsteps of Tulsa. 

A Beam decanter from the 1970s. 

Old matchbooks! 

Okay, admittedly, some of this stuff is cool. As in, really, really neat-o. I may or may not have begged my husband for those matchbooks. And the Beam decanter.

Now, don't go thinking weird Tulsa stuff is online at Ebay and on Ebay only. Check out the jewel I found on

Oh. Em. Gee. What Tulsan wouldn't want this crazy thing on their living room wall?

Heh. Heh heh.

Then there's the matter of this vintage Oktoberfest shirt, also on

1986! So. Choice. 

I know you all are packing some killer garage sale, flea market and antique store finds of the Tulsa persuasion. Or, maybe you have weird Tulsa stuff on your Ebay watch list. 

Share with us! Leave links to photos of your strange Tulsa goodies in the comments. 


SheezKrafty said...

GREAT post! I am ALL about finding cool antiques especially if they have something to do with Tulsa! Here's a link to some Favor Flavors goods I found!

Holly said...

Awesome finds! Also, my dad was at that very same Elvis concert! He said Elvis was out of shape and the performance was lousy. I wonder if our dads bumped into each other at the show before either of us were even though of yet. Weeeeird.

Anonymous said...

I have a car dealer from my grandfather's Studebaker dealership from the 50s and 60s. Fred Case Motor Company. Good luck getting me to put that on ebay though.

Anonymous said...

I stayed all night with your Dad - and hundreds of others at the Civic Center so we would get a good place in line when they opened the next morning. It was crazy!!! Dogs, the REAL boom boxes, and lots of them. People brought blankets and pillows (and no one slept) Lot of fun. Good memory.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Great post! -Definitely some awesome finds :)

Sandra said...

I was at the 1976 Elvis concert. Elvis was out of shape but if you loved Elvis it didn't matter, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Paul said...

Hi...I'm the Dad of TDT. I did the all-nighter at the Civic Center, waiting to purchase four tickets for the Bicentennial show, and it was ABSOLUTELY worth it! Seems like a bunch of us played frisbee all night in the parking garage of the CC while others dutifully held our places in line. I was so pumped when I finally go to the ticket window about 10:30 that morning to get my tickets!

Elvis might have been not in the best shape of his life, but that show was still the best concert that I have ever seen. The guy was simply FANTASTIC on stage! I have a copy of the soundboard recording of that show, by the's nice to listen to every once in awhile.

And that Jim Beam decanter...I have one. And bought five more for my brothers and stepdad for Christmas one year. Mine is still proudly displayed in my kitchen, adorned with mini Mardi Gras beads. Too bad I had to buy them empty!

Thanks for the post, Tasha. Love you!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm G-ma and Mom of TDT and I have a near mint condition t-shirt for the 1990 Tulsa Run sponsored by the Williams Companies and Tulsa World. Any bids from Dad and TDT herself for this shirt??????

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