Monday, May 17, 2010

Bikes, Balls and You

Bikes, Balls and You

No, this isn't some kind of accident awareness class for men. Actually, it's the best and one of the biggest play dates in town, and it happens tomorrow at Whiteside Community Center (just west of 41st and Yale) from 9:30-10:45am with

Bikes, Balls and You

Bikes, Balls and You is of my son's favorite things to do in T-Town. See him? He's the one busy giving the trampoline some serious hell.

Bikes, Balls and You

Remember those roller seat thingies? The things no one was ever allowed to play with in P.E. class because someone was bound to be run over and have to be sent to the school nurse?

Yeah. Those roller seat thingies are the best. And there are plenty of them at Bikes, Balls and You.

Here's where the bikes come in.

Bikes, Balls and You

One of my son's favorite things to do is hide. Here's the Find the TDT Kid segment of this post.

Bikes, Balls and You

That kid sure can hide.

At least, that's what I want him to think.

Bikes, Balls and You

Little booger.

My little booger.

Bikes, Balls and You

It's nice to let the kids loose in a gymnasium with a bunch of toys every once in awhile. It leaves lots of time for meeting other moms, dads and grandparents, and the kiddo always comes away with another friend or two, too.

Bikes, Balls and You

That is, when my kid isn't plowing into the other children.

Hey, son? It's hard to make friends when you like to pretend you're a human snow plow.

Bikes, Balls and You

We always have fun at Bikes, Balls and You. And I bet you and your kids would, too.

Bikes, Balls and You

Looking for other exciting things going at right now? I got you:

Giveaways! Enter to win one week of free summer camp at the Westside YMCA. That's where I went to summer camp when I was a kid, and I'll be the first to tell you that it's always nice to know that, if all else fails, I know how to cook my lunch over an open fire and, if needed, I could ride a galloping horse through a forest, like in an freaking action movie. I might not look silver-screen worth doing it - I make funny faces when I ride a horse through a forest like in a freaking action movie - but at least I could do it, if necessary. Wouldn't it be cool if your kids could, too? So, enter to win that week's worth of summer camp at the Westside Y.

Also up for grabs is a dozen cupcakes from Merritt's Bakery. And we all know how I feel about Merritt's Bakery. They're fabulous, especially when they're free.

Mark your calendars for Mom's Night Out: Baby Shower Edition. It's on for June 11 at Elote Cafe and Catering, 514 S. Boston Ave., and we'll be celebrating the impending birth of Head Mom Trisha's third little one by donating "baby shower" gifts to Emergency Infant Services. Plus, everyone who shows up in their non-Mom jeans gets free appetizers. Cool, right? Get the "registry" list here.

See you at!


Trisha said...

Can't wait to see Sam at BBandU tomorrow!

heather said...

Warren and I will be there!

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