Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tulsa's Own Biggest Loser: The Southie

Jimmy Lee's Total Fitness

As TDT’s resident Southie, I like to talk about cool happenings in south Tulsa and the nearby out-lying areas.

And, as a resident of this part of Tulsa, I can’t help but notice that huge numbers of people in this part of town walking around in what I would describe as workout attire.

In fact, living in this part of town, I would have to say that workout attire must be a wardrobe staple for the typical Southie. Knowing this, we could then assume that all of these Southies are constantly working out.

But then, I wondered. Are they really working out 24/7 as how they're usually dressed suggests?

I don’t know, but since Jimmy Lee from Jimmy Lee’s Total Fitness, at 128th and Memorial, would say that most Oklahomans are at least 50 pounds overweight, maybe they should be.

Jimmy Lee’s Total Fitness, in the Tulsa area for more than five years, is locally owned and operated. Jimmy Lee himself has 27 years of fitness training experience, and he considers his staff of trainers to be some the of the best, most experienced, and most highly trained and nationally certified trainers in the area.

And, starting Tuesday, June 1, Jimmy Lee is hosting a Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge, right here in T-Town.

A twenty spot and a fiver will help you assume the challenge, and over the course of the next six weeks, here's what you get:

-Entrance into the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge;
-A gym pass
-Access to a schedule full of classes
-Pre-register like I did and get a free massage.

Again, weigh-ins start at 9:00am, June 1st.

This isn't just a good excuse to finally drop that 50 pounds of excess weight you've been lugging around. It's also a way to learn to live a longer, healthier lifestyle.

Oh, and there's a prize. A big one.

To the first place winner of the Biggest Loser Contest Jimmy Lee is giving a personal trainer for a year. That’s a prize that’s worth over $5000.

The second place winner won’t leave empty handed, however - that skinny minnie gets three months of personal training, valued at $1400.

That was a deal too good to pass up for this Southie, and I have signed up to win. What? Did you actually think I’d sign up to lose? No way. The only thing I’ll be losing are pounds, baby.

All I can say is, bring it - Southie workout attire and all.

What: Biggest Loser Contest
Where: Jimmy Lee's Total Fitness, 128th and Memorial
Phone: 918-369-9601
When: Starting June 1; lasting 6 weeks

Kelly writes, a blog about life in Oklahoma, motherhood and the general stuff of life, and she's a founding member of The Real Housewives of Oklahoma. She joins us here at TDT as The Southie, covering all the event news that's fit to blog from south of 71st Street. Read more of her exploits here.


Anonymous said...

Love it Tasha that you highlighted Jimmy Lee's. He and his wife Andrea are great motivators, not only in fitness but in community service; networking and community events. This week alone, they are starting this competition; hosting a fundraiser to raise money to get safe water in foriegn countries and hosting an exclusive performance for recording artist and former Tulsan Phil Marshall at their home in S. Tulsa. They are so involved in the community and super inspiring. !

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tasha! The people make it worth it. We love serving the community. It gives you an amazing feeling when you know that your program made the difference in someone's life! We have created programs that fit a variety of budgets. Being in shape isn't just for the rich and famous anymore. lol

Thank you Tulsa!!!


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