Monday, May 3, 2010

How to Get Into a Fight at a Donut Shop: Two Ways

OK Country Donuts

Normally not a person who goes easily into combat. Most times I find I don't need to fight to get my way - there are other, more peaceful methods that seem to work better for me when I want to get things done.

Unless you've overcooked my steak and you have the nerve to serve it to me at a restaurant. Then momma's gonna throw down.

Of all places, though, I thought I'd always be safe from a duel in a donut shop. They seem like such safe places. The air smells sweet, and they're always full of smiling faces.

That was, until Saturday morning.

OK Country Donuts

That's when I learned how to get into not just one, but TWO fights at a donut shop.

1. Show up at OK Country Donuts with a camera. Be very open and visual about the fact that you're snapping photos.

Even in my five short years of working in journalism I've dealt with my share of folks who don't want their photos taken (or their stuff being the subject of photos). But I don't think I've ever been told not to take photos in a restaurant before. Most food people are proud of their work and are excited by the opportunity to break through the noise of competition and tell lots of people about what they can do by way of a photo and a write-up.

The folks at OK Country Donuts, however, don't feel this way.

OK Country Donuts isn't your ordinary donut shop. They have this line of donuts that are tailored to kids and the young-at-heart. OK Country sells donuts in the shape of everything from the letter M (and the other 25 letters of the alphabet, too, by the way, making it fun to spell stuff in the best font ever - donut!) to a flip flop shoe to puppies to palm trees. And they're all expertly and colorfully iced. They're gorgeous.

And, they're delicious. These are the reasons there was a line out the door when we showed up at 10:30 on Saturday morning, a time by which most donut shops are packing it up for the day.

I'd heard so much about this place from all over - Facebook, Twitter and IRL, too. I've been itching to try them for some time now and couldn't wait to snap photos of all those cute and unique deep-fried pastries.

About five shots in, though, an employee approached and notified me that I wasn't to take photos inside the store.

After she explained why not - there were people who had stopped in the store, took photos and tried to replicate OK Country's specialty, according to the employee - and after I told her exactly what I was up to (read: researching for a blog post, not stealing business ideas), she decided it was cool if I took photos after all.

But when I finally made it up to the counter - you know, where the display case sat full of absolutely adorable donuts - the woman who I assume owns the place spoke up: "Stop! No photos!" Her voice was raised, her arms were waving and she stalked off to scold the employee with whom I just spoke in a language I couldn't understand.

And even still, I can't figure this out. I didn't want to press the issue about the photos because I'm not about to try to dictate to people what's going to happen in their places of business, but folks, if you own a business that creates a product that's unique and that's creating a buzz, you're not going to gain much from trying to hide it from people who you're afraid might steal it.

Because you're hiding it from potential customers, too, especially when you're talking about being featured on a blog with a proven goal of getting Tulsans off their duffs to try (and buy) the best of what this city has to offer.

Besides, if anyone tries to steal your idea off a blog post, newspaper write-up or magazine feature, those people are going to look like total dirt bags. You're the original. Own it, baby.

While I didn't get to shoot the display case, I did take a few photos the donut I used my own hard-earned money to purchase:

OK Country Donuts

An elephant! My son's No. 1 favorite animal. His room is decorated in elephants - actually, someone in my family got the idea that I collect elephant stuff, so the things have cropped up all over my house. But we love elephants.

OK Country Donuts

When my son saw he could have a donut shaped like an elephant, he pretty much freaked out.

OK Country Donuts

And bit its foot off.

OK Country Donuts

And suffered somewhat of a sugar rush.

Karma, baby. Karma.

Way No. 2 to start a fight in a donut shop: Be the guy who orders every single last puppy, flip flop, palm tree and piglet donut in the house. In other words, order all the cute donuts in shapes other than the traditional O.

Dude had every right to buy up all the cutesy donuts. I mean, he was next in line. Any of us in that position would have had the same option.

But I just had to have a puppy-shaped donut for my kid, the kid who loves anything and everything puppy.

So, I edged toward the guy, put my sweet voice on and asked if he'd mind leaving just one puppy donut so that I could buy it for my son, who's just over there (of course, I turned and waved - hey, if my kid can work those blond curls, then so can I, especially when a donut is involved).

He refused. He had a slumber party of girls to feed, he said.

So, as an employee notified this guy that even more cute donuts were about to come fresh out of the frier, and as he totally ignored the fact that the display case was full of traditionally shaped donuts and that none of his slumber party guests were around to throw fits in the event they didn't get a puppy-shaped breakfast, I asked again.

He didn't refuse that time. He just pretended not to hear me, staring straight ahead and smiling.


So, I leaned over to the next-nearest employee and stealthily ordered this:

OK Country Donuts

Right out from under ol' Captain Meanie Pants.

At which point he was out a piglet instead of a puppy. Karma, dude.



Anonymous said...

Who's the 5-year old here. You or your kid?

Tasha said...

Yeah, Anonymous. I knew that comment was coming. When I figure that out, I'll let you know.

Amber said...

i'm for karma when it's in my favor. cute article, tasha!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I had no idea something like this even existed! I will be visiting it very soon sans camera. :)

What's Cookin Stacey?? said...

Go Tasha Go!! If it walks like a pig and acts like a pig...Well you know the rest. I probably would have tripped him and those donuts on the way out....

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Wow-Quite the story Tasha! Who knew picture taking could be such a dangerous sport ;) -Most of the time it's my family who thinks I'm just a nutcase for taking pictures of everything =D On another note -I'm kinda hungry for donuts now ;)

Trisha said...

Glad you survived and those donuts are tons of fun. But I'm an iced cake girl, through and through. Any such items at this place?

Tasha said...

Sorry, Trisha, not that I saw. Just donuts and donuts. Oh, and donuts.

Plus, sausage rolls in a few varieties. My favorite was the jalapeno. And yes, I tried more than one. =)

NatBean said...

Am I a speed reader to my own detriment, or did you not include the actual location of this donut heaven? = )

Tasha said...

Blogger fail! I thought about that earlier today and then forgot to add the address (for the second time). Way to be, Tash.

Anyway, it's at 81st and Yale, on the southwest corner, facing south.

Crazy Lady said...

Great story! We will have to go and check them out and maybe steathily take some photos. Muh haha! As for Captain Rudie Pants, one donut would not have killed him. Glad your kiddo got the cute little piggie one. Way to go Mom! We will do anything for our kids, won't we? :)

Amy @ Thoughts of THAT Mom said...

We LOVE that place. We visit there every time we come back to Tulsa. (Which isn't nearly as often now that we've moved out of Vegas!)

That, and Goldies...because no one has yet out-burgered Goldies.

Great. Now I'm missing Tulsa again. Thanks a lot!

BTW, have you tried the donut shop at 61st & Yale? Ann is the owner...and I'm fairly certain SHE'D let you take pictures! Their sausage rolls are the best ever. We also visit them every time we come to town. I'm always amazed that after having been gone for 6 months to a year, Ann still remembers me. Maybe it's not Yale...Harvard?'s close to the Whataburger over in that the strip mall across the street from it.


Tasha said...

Hey, Amy! I WANT you to miss Tulsa, honey. That's the whole point here!

I'll have to seek out Ann's donut shop. You're not the first to mention it to me. It must be pretty awesome.

Red Sash Photography by Kristin Blessing said...

I once got kicked out of the Crown Plaza Starbucks by the security guard for taking a picture of my shoe. I ran in seeking respit from the rain while I was shooting down there...and was just making sure everything was still working, since EVERYTHING was soaking wet. I've never been more embarrassed and angry.

Those donuts look Deeeeelicious! Yummy enough to bring us out of the comfort of Brady Heights into south Tulsa. :)

Christine said...

That's the saddest story EVER. That guy could have been nice but he had to elevate it to nasty. Too bad his kids weren't there to witness that behavior.

And I truly can't imagine why they are so set against photos. Really, aren't shaped donuts made using giant cookie cutters? Oops! Don't tell anyone!

Jeff C said...

I find it ironic that if they are so worried of someone taking pics, but are willing to sell one of everything to someone. What keeps someone from just buying one of everything and then steal the concepts? If they are soo concerned, they maybe they need to not be in business and keep it all a secret.

Tulsa Signs Guy said...

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, OK Donuts should be glad that others may try to copy them.

The free publicity from your photos should far outweigh their concerns of copycats.

They can always bill themselves as "The Original...", then everything else is just a knock off.

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