Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Years Eve in Tulsa

UPDATE: Dec. 31//If you're still making plans for this evening, here are a few links to check before you head out: 
Jennifer Chancellor at TW

Because I love my TDT readers, I'd like to offer you a distraction from the short work week, holiday plans, gift wrapping and obligatory casserole baking.

Answer me this: What do you do for New Years Eve in Tulsa? Spare me the dud plans, which include staying home and chewing twizzle sticks while you boast that watching the ball drop on TV is much better than being stuck in the crowds at Times Square.

I'm talking about the New Years Eve goings on that are worthy of a resolution the next morning, over black-eyed peas for extra luck.

I think we all deserve to know about the most fun New Years parties in town, even if some of us will be caught in what Stefanie Wilder-Taylor calls "the black hole of childcare." I want to be able to smugly say to my husband that evening, "Hey, at least we're not at one of those loud, happy, glittery, wild parties - being here is much better than being stuck in a sea of sun-shiny, smiling faces somewhere," even though I'll have to say it really quietly, lest I wake the little man who has decorated our guest room in elephants and Dr. Seuss books and who wouldn't exactly be down for a game of airplane as the ball drops on TV. Early to bed, early to rise, as he would say.

Tell me what you're going to do to make me "glad" the evening of Dec. 31!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Two Weekend Photos

From Kupcakz, 71st and Mingo. We came out of the bakery with four cupcakes but, well, you know, things...happen, especially around here, and particularly when cupcakes are involved. What was left: Boston Dreamer (inspired by my favorite birthday cake, Boston cream pie) on the left, and the ones on the right are the Morning Buzz (chocolate and coffee - what could go wrong?) and My Peanut Buttercup (the chocolate and peanut butter combo done right) cupcakes. I can't remember which was which, but they were both gone about 2.5 seconds after I took this photo. Because they were delicious and sinful and said my name and fives lines from Prufrock. Unlikely but true, maybe.

Our little (?) man visiting Santa at Utica Square. Can you believe it? He didn't cry! He didn't even wimper. He was more stone-faced than is usually typical of him, but I don't blame him one iota. The whole concept of a giant man dressed in red hanging out in a miniature house with a lady armed with a camera and photo printer makes me feel a tad uneasy, too, and I probably look stone-faced when I'm thinking about it.

For more Christmas fun, later my family and I will head out in hopes of making a commemorative Christmas ornament at Purple Glaze on Brookside, since we heard they have several available. But, I just realized this morning that even if we make the ornament this evening, it won't be available for pick-up until well after Christmas is over. We might be headed to the mall (dun dun DUN!) instead. Blast.

If we don't talk before Thursday, have a merry one!
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