Thursday, May 27, 2010

Road Trips and Guitar Picks in Tulsa with Jason Aldean

Can I get a heck yeah from everyone who has tickets to that big concert here in Tulsa Friday night? The one at the BOK Center? The one in which Brooks and Dunn perform for the last time ever as a duo in T-Town? The one for which the hunky Jason Aldean is opening?

Yeah. That one.

Guess who gets to go back stage before the show for an acoustic performance from Mr. Big Green Tractor himself? And guess who gets to give him a handshake? Or - gasp! - maybe even a hug? Well, maybe not a hug - my husband will be there, and he's the kind to pay me back my hugging someone like Carrie Underwood for one second too long, and her hair (among other things) is way prettier and shinier than mine - but still. Thanks to being chosen as a Road Trips and Guitar Picks blogger, I get to meet Jason Aldean.

That's my point. And I'm kinda freaking out about it a little.

You'd better believe I'll be posting a recap after the Brooks and Dunn concert and Jason Aldean's acoustic performance, so watch out for that. Cross your fingers that there's a side hug at least from Aldean in this for me somewhere.

In the meantime, check out the Road Trips and Guitar Picks Web site and tour with Jason Aldean and Jewel. Be sure to take the challenge and play the road trip game. Being a former Mario Kart devotee, that's where I headed first. Just for crashing into a bunch of guitars and suitcases scattered along the road I earned a free mp3 of Aldean's The Best of Me. Score! I had my pick of desktop and avatar images, too.

Y'all should play. Plus, it's something fun to do during a conference call. Just be sure to mutter the uh-huhs and yes sirs and right aways in the appropriate spots. If all else fails, at least you're bound to get a better score than I did ($6,800 - just ask my dad and he'll affirm that my driving/video game skills leave much to be desired). Even if you're having a really bad day, you know you'll beat my two-year-old's score. He raked in a whole $200.

If things go well, don't plan to be around me this Memorial Day weekend. It'll be a scorcher, but still - I'm not washing off a side hug from Jason Aldean until it's absolutely necessary.

Are you going to the Brooks and Dunn concert Friday night? Are you as excited about seeing Jason Aldean as I am? Where are your seats?

And what are you wearing? I'm thinking this cowgirl could use a trip to Mock's.

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