Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blogging With the Stars (with a guest appearance by a Bump It)

Jason Aldean

Remember how I told y'all that I'd been invited to the Brooks and Dunn concert last night as a Road Trips and Guitar Picks blogger? And that I'd be part of a group that'd sit in on a private, live, acoustic concert with opener Jason Aldean backstage before the show? And that I might get to shake Jason's hand? Or, at least, get to look at him from less than 20 feet away?

Well, guess what - last night, at Tulsa's BOK Center, it actually happened.

(highly entertaining groupie photo after the jump)

Us with Jason Aldean


And, yes, I was wearing a Bump It. Special occasions call for special measures.

And lots and lots of hair spray.

As for that concert, Jason played an acoustic version of this:

And it made my husband want to buy a tractor. Right away.

As if he didn't want to do that before. I have a hard enough time convincing that man, who was raised in rural Arkansas, that he doesn't need a riding lawn mower to take care of our 1/8-acre plot. Now I'll spend my weekend explaining to him that, in our case, not only would a tractor be total and complete overkill, but that we have no room to build a barn in which to store such equipment.

He'll be okay, though. Especially since he found out our next door neighbors decided recently to raise chickens. He's feeling more and more in his element these days.

I made sure to sign the tour poster while I was at the Aldean concert - you know, for posterity (my apologies in advance for the smartphone photography; no "real" cameras were allowed backstage):

Jason Aldean

Represent, y'all.

After the set Jason opened things up for a little Q and A. Since it wouldn't have been appropriate as the first question out of the box, I waited to ask the question that was on everyone's minds - the question that had our small audience itching for answers - second.

"So, Jason," I said after he answered the first question - something about how electrifying it is to play to a sold-out arena or something - when he called on me, "which do you prefer - boxers, or briefs?"

His answer? Boxers. But, not when he performs. If you've ever seen any country artist in concert, you know that those cowboy jeans don't exactly allow for a lot of breathing room - or boxer room, for that matter. So, last night, it was briefs.

You're welcome, ladies. I'm here to serve.

Jason rocked the Brooks and Dunn opener, too. Lots of charm, lots of energy and even more big, green tractor.

Jason Aldean

Sorry again for the smartphone photography. Even if I'd had one of my more legit cameras, I'm still clueless when it comes to how to shoot concert photos. It's wise to leave these things to the experts (and here).

Us with Jason Aldean

Have I said lately that I love my job as a blogger? Because I do.

I really, really do. Thanks, all of you, who humor me in this crazy-ass endeavor.


Natalie said...

Ohhhhh are living my fantasy life! Boxers so complete the fantasy! I saw the concert and loved both Jason and Brooks and Dunn. Glad someone so fun as you got to be backstage.

Tasha said...

Natalie! So cool that you were there last night, too. What was your favorite part of the concert?

Anonymous said...

That was fun! and your baby is precious. Really =)) Kel

Natalie said...

Tasha, I must admit that I orginally bought the tickets to see Jason Aldean. He was really good, but I remembered why I love Brooks and Dunn. B&D came on the scene when I was in my early 20's. The best part for me was remembering all the B&D songs that I had forgot about. They have had so many great songs over the years, that I just "forgot" some of the oldies but goodies.

Now, I'm inspired to buy CDs. B&D best hits and Jason Aldean. Believe me, I don't get inspired to buy CDs often.

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