Friday, May 14, 2010

Weber's Superior Root Beer: Erin Sees Tulsa


Joining us today is Tulsa photographer Erin Conrad. I fell in love with Erin's work in and around Tulsa and with her photoblog, Erin will be blogging at TDT each week as Erin Sees Tulsa.

As the newest columnist here at TDT, you need to know something about me from the very begninning. I love polaroids. And I firmly believe there is nothing quite like the timeless, classic feel that a polaroid image can capture.

With that said, my polaroid camera and I recently went on an adventure and found ourselves at the family owned and operated Weber's (on Brookside). You may know them because they have the BEST root beer this side of, well, anything.

But I know them because I drool over their sign every time I pass by. However, there was no just passing by this time. Nope. This time I stopped, I sipped, I chatted and I snapped.


While sipping and chatting, I was told that the Weber's sign (built in 1933) is the oldest operating neon sign in all of Tulsa. And there is not much more perfect than that, my new friends. A blue Tulsa sky, an old neon sign and a classic polaroid camera.

It is right here, in establishments like this, where Tulsa is timeless.

it's all about the root beer.

Read more of the Weber's story that officially began in the 1800's.


Dave said...

Bravo to Erin and the TDT team!!(seems like its growing by the day) Amazing stuff here. It sounds like Erin and I would have a blast talking about all the things we love to look at in Tulsa.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that there are Weber's in New Jersey? About 60 years ago they had dreams of going national and sold about 60 franchises. It didn't work out and they later cancelled the franchises but some of the rural New Jersey places kept the name and decor. Here's a photo of one:

Kellyology said...

Yay Erin! I love her stuff too. Excited to see her pics.

Oh, and Webers is sounding good to me today.

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