Monday, May 3, 2010

Changes You May (Or May Not) Have Noticed at TDT

Dilly Deli

It's the "or may not" part of that post title that I'm concerned about.

Because friends who only read TDT via feed or who visit the front page every day and haven't had the nerve to try out those crazy tabs that have appeared under the masthead may not know that I've added a new feature to this blog: A daily, weekday version of my weekend lists of Tulsa events. Take a second and check out today's version.

That little dose of daily doing Tulsa awesomeness will be under the Do Tulsa Today tab, right there under the masthead.

If you're a regular listener of the KRMG Morning News with Joe Kelley, you might have noticed last week that you'll be hearing from me there more often than just on Friday mornings. Which is totally rad for me because I think doing radio stuff is just about the most fun there's been since the first kid ran through the first sprinkler on the first 100-degree July afternoon. I hope you all enjoy my on-air antics, too.

Your Tulsa to-do list is about to grow so long that you'll not be able to help but to laugh hysterically the next time some bozo complains that there's nothing to do in Tulsa. You might even snort a little. But it'll be warranted, because given how much there is going on in this town right now, that's just a plain dumb thing to say.

Please also notice that the weekly What to Do in Tulsa This Weekend posts are no longer, well, posts. To cut down on confusion experienced by those looking for things to do in Tulsa via the search engines, I elected to create a page just for that content. For those of you reading by feed, don't worry - you'll still be alerted with a post when the weekend events page is available.

I'd be interested to know how all of this is working for you. I'd like to assume that since no one has complained or sent me slugs in the mail during the past couple of weeks that I've been testing this new format that everyone loves it and wouldn't want it any other way, but you know what they say about assuming.

And, as with all things event-oriented here at TDT, you are more than welcome to submit info on your event to me by e-mail.

Happy Monday, everyone!


suburban hippie mama said...

swwet. =)

Elizabeth said...

Ack! I have been reading in a feed and had no idea! The blog looks FABULOUS and as always I am so thankful for the weekend mashups of things to keep me having fun in Tulsa and your daily posts that are always entertaining!
Wonderful job!

Tasha said...

Aw shucks, Elizabeth. =) Thank you so much.

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