Friday, April 30, 2010

An Insider's Guide to Visiting Tulsa: TDT Friday Advice Column


As someone who blogs about things to do in Tulsa, I field lots of questions about the city and all the stuff there is to do within its borders.

While I'm cool with answering these questions on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail, I like to answer a couple of them per week with a weekend post here at TDT. I'm sure the folks who pose the questions aren't the only ones who would benefit from their answers.

Let's get this thing started.

Q. I have family/friends coming to Tulsa for the first time this weekend, but they'll only be here for a day or two. Where should I take them?

A. I have some ideas.

You knew that was coming, didn't you?

How to Obliterate a Cupcake from Merritt's Bakery

How to Eat a Cupcake at Merritt's Bakery

Hey there. It's TDT's kid. Every once in a great while TDT lets me out of my cage and asks me to guest post on her blog. I figure that, for me, it's just another step on the ladder to world domination.

Which is my ultimate goal. And why shouldn't it be? I mean, look at these eyes. And this hair. And my chubby cheeks. And this hair.

Anyway. I'm here today to tell you that the eating of the cupcakes, it is a learned skill. Using a cupcake from Tulsa's own Merritt's Bakery as an example, imma gonna show you how to do it.

1. Start with the icing (duh).

Continue your studies in cupcake obliteration on my mom's blog at

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've been keeping something from you. See, it's about these photos...

I've been keeping something from you, my dear, intellectually superior, inordinately attractive readers. Something very, very exciting - not just for me, but for a boatload of people.

And not a little boatload of people. I'm talking about one of those big party barge things where there's room not only for all of your friends, but also for bocce ball, a cartwheel contest and beer pong.

THS/TDT Photo Show

That's how I feel about what I'm about to tell you: Like bocce ball, a cartwheel contest and beer pong all wrapped up into one glorious bit of great news.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dining Out For Life: We Want You

Dilly Deli, 2nd and Elgin

Looking for a way to have fun, get a great meal and make a difference in your community Thursday night?

There's a way, and that way is Dining out for Life.

Dilly Deli, 2nd and Elgin

Participating restaurants will donate a portion of your bill to pay for local HIV services provided by H.O.P.E. Their generosity coupled with your donation will make a very real difference in the lives of thousands of men, women, and children throughout the Tulsa community.

As in, contrary to weirdos and lore, AIDS isn't a problem just for the gay community. Hello, it affects everyone, from the old to the young, from gay to straight. H.O.P.E. provides testing and information services about this life-changing disease, and it needs your support to ensure that no one faces HIV alone.

Plenty of Tulsa restaurants decided that raising money for this cause would be a really, really good thing - 15 of them, in fact, and each of them is donating at least 25 percent of their proceeds to H.O.P.E.

Whole Foods Market (H.O.P.E. is the Bag Refund Recipient April 12-May 9, so don't forget your reusable bags when you grocery shop!)
Shades of Brown (donating 50 percent all day long - go, Shades!)
Baxter's Interurban Grill (dinner)
Caz's Chowhouse (lunch)
Cosmo Cafe (dinner)
Dalesandro's (dinner)
El Guapo's Cantina (dinner)
Elote Cafe and Catering (dinner)
India Palace (dinner)
KEO (lunch)
KoKoa Chocolatier (all day - woot!)
Lambrusco'z To Go (dinner)
McNellie's Public House (dinner)
White Lion Pub (dinner)
Yokozuna (dinner)

The only one that matters to you right now, though, is Dilly Deli, at 2nd and Elgin. Because that's where I'm gonna be, along with the hilarious and snarky Kate Huggins of Fox 23.

Dilly Deli, 2nd and Elgin

Dining Out for Life features several local celebrities (why they asked me, I don't know) dining at the participating restaurants, but there's a friendly competition going on between Nicole Nascenzi and Sunny Leigh from KVOO, who will be the celebrity diners at Elote Cafe and Catering, and Kate Huggins and I at Dilly Deli. While Elote rocks and is one of my favorite restaurants ever, you can eat there Friday night. Or tonight. Or, heck, even Saturday night. Just make sure that you dine at Dilly Deli with Dine Out for Life with Kate and me Thursday night.

What I'm trying to say is, I'll make it worth your while.

The person to bring the most diners with him/her to Dilly Deli for Dine Out for Life gets from me a $50 gift certificate to the Dining Out for Life participating restaurant of his or her choice. To enter, simply say hi to Kate and me at Dilly Deli and let us know how many folks you brought to dinner. If you're the party animal of the evening, I'll crown you with some cold, hard, local Tulsa restaurant cash.

If you're unable to dine out Thursday night but would still like to help with the cause, forward your name to Dining Out for Life and they'll call to chat with you about how you'd like to do that.

See you all Thursday night!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Power Lunch: Fat Guy's Burger Bar

Fat Guy’s Burger Bar, which opened seven days before Oneok Field kicked off the Tulsa Drillers’ 2010 baseball season on April 9, and just paces from the east gate of the ballpark on Greenwood Avenue, rocks. It just rocks.

Read the rest of this review on the Food page of this week's edition of Tulsa Business Journal.

Off the Stage: How Carole Underwood avoided becoming a stage mom

Imagine, moms: Your child - the same child who needed a kiss to heal a scrape, the same one you rocked to sleep at night - grows up to become an internationally successful recording artist.

Checotah resident Carole Underwood doesn't have to imagine; for her, it's reality.

Read the rest of this story in the Women's Issue (May 2010) of Oklahoma Magazine.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Josh's Sno Shack: Okay, Spring. You can officially begin now.

Josh's Sno Shack

There's a phenomenon happening in south Tulsa.

From the humiliation files: My Cliche Woodward Park Prom Photos

Cliche Prom Pics at Woodward Park

Lots of photographers, even beginning amateurs like me, go into convulsions when we drive by Woodward Park, in Tulsa at 21st and Peoria, and see dozens of photographers posing their subjects against backdrops of azalea bushes in full bloom, reflecting ponds and beds of tulips and roses.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Family Friendly Restaurants in Tulsa: TDT Friday Advice Column

Cupcake Massacre

As someone who blogs about things to do in Tulsa, I field lots of questions about the city and all the stuff there is to do within its borders.

While I'm cool with answering these questions on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail, I also highlight an FAQ every week with a post here at TDT. I'm sure the folks who pose the questions aren't the only ones who would benefit from their answers.

The following question is one I get via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, in person, ESP and smoke signals at least 727 times each week. Just kidding. I don't have ESP. But I really do get this question often, so read on - odds are, you've either asked me about it or you've wondered it to yourself.

Q. Help! I need a list of family-friendly restaurants in Tulsa.

A. You've come to the right place.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What To Do in Tulsa This Weekend

ONEOK Field, Opening Night

Looking for this week's edition of What to Do in Tulsa This Weekend?

It's up there. No, not there. There - below the header and to the right and bit.

Bingo! You've got it.

Here are the highlights: Identified flying objects. The birthday party of the musician who created the Tulsa Sound. An American Idol-style competition down at ONEOK Field. The 60th anniversary of a Tulsa icon. It's all happening in Tulsa this weekend.

Check it out by clicking the link above, Do Tulsa This Weekend. We're going to see how this works.

For you fine folks reading this on your favorite feed reader, I'll have this ironed out soon so that the weekend rundown will be conveniently placed in your inbox Friday morning as usual. Okay? Okay. We can do this. I'll provide the cookies and/or beer.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day: Bountiful Earth, Empty Bowls

Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman

Tomorrow is Earth Day, Tulsa, and you know what that means - it's time for the Empty Bowls event at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

Tulsa Blogger Meetup III Ticket Sales End TODAY

Siegi's Sausage Factory

Tomorrow's the big day for the Tulsa Blogger Meetup III event. Yesterday I announced our guest speaker, Erin Conrad, Tulsa-based photographer and winner of the 2009 Oklahoma Blog Awards in the Best Blog Design category.

It's okay. You can squee. You can bet everyone else reading this is.

Post-squee, be advised that today is the last day to secure your tickets to this event. If you plan to join us but don't yet have your tickets, head to the Tulsa Blogger Meetup site right now. There are only a hand full of tickets left, and they're available only until 2pm this afternoon.

Can I say that again? Ticket sales for Tulsa Blogger Meetup III end at 2pm this afternoon.

I released just 50 spots to this month's meetup, which is why without a ticket I can't guarantee you a seat. And no, a reply on Facebook doesn't secure your ticket to this event. Sorry, but you've gotta go through the Tulsa Blogger Meetup site. I want to make sure we don't overwhelm the nice folks at Siegi's with unexpected guests. Sausage might come out of their ears, which wouldn't be pleasant for anyone, I'm pretty sure.

If you want to come and you'd rather pay at the door, you can do that. Just make sure to tick that option when you're going through the check-out at the Tulsa Blogger Meetup site.

Here again are the event details:

Tulsa Blogger Meetup: The Third
When: 6:30pm
Where: Siegi's Sausage Factory, 8104 S. Sheridan Road
Included in the $12 ticket price: A buffet of house-made sausage with three sides and your choice of water and/or tea, plus a state-wide renowned blogger as our speaker and door prizes. Beer and wine are extra and are on you.

Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tulsa Blogger Meetup III Speaker Announced

I don't know about you all, but something that continues to intrigue me since the first day I started blogging is good blog design. I've also been known to appreciate great blog photography.

In this month's Tulsa Blogger Meetup speaker, we get someone who has been recognized for excelling in both.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ain't That Right, Lamar?

Yes, that is right, Ben Jones.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Owen Park: Tulsa's Oldest

Owen Park

Sometimes it feels like my son and I go to the same parks day after day, week in and week out. We tend to wimp out and frequent the ones nearest our house, even though there are literally hundreds of parks in the area to explore.

So, late last week, we hit Sonic for milkshakes and then hit the trail for Owen Park, Tulsa's first and oldest.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tulsa Blogger Meetup: The Third

Tulsa Blogger Meetup: The Third

The third monthly Tulsa Blogger Meetup is on the horizon, folks - the show gets on the road the evening of Thursday, April 22 at 6:30pm.

Since the last two occasions were downtown, I thought we'd mix it up a bit and send some love to the southtownies at the same time.

Guess where we're going.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Best Patios in Tulsa: TDT Friday Advice Column

Stonehorse Cafe

As someone who blogs about things to do in Tulsa, I field lots of questions about the city and all the stuff there is to do within its borders.

While I'm cool with answering these questions on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail, I also highlight an FAQ every week with a post here at TDT. I'm sure the folks who pose the questions aren't the only ones who would benefit from their answers.

Let's get started.

Q. The weather in Tulsa has been amazing lately. Where is the best patio in Tulsa?

A. When you're looking for a place in Tulsa to eat a good meal (or drink a cold beer) outside, it's tough to pick just one favorite. Some aren't even comparable to the others, for one. For two, I know that sometimes I want a quiet, secluded patio - other times I want to be in the middle of the action at a bustling, street-side patio.

But, thanks to the help of TDT fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, here's a list of the best of the best patio restaurants in the area, categorized by region. Be sure to weigh in on which you think are the best in the comments section of this post.


Boston Avenue, Northbound

El Guapo, 332 E. First Street
The rooftop patio at El Guapo, the three-story Mexican restaurant in Tulsa's Blue Dome District, was by far the restaurant patio about which T-Town's social media world is most excited now that outdoor dining weather has officially arrived.

"Great food, good view, no traffic and the servers have the best tattoos in Tulsa!" was how local photographer and artist Marty Coleman described the rooftop patio at El Guapo.

"Forget patios, rooftops are where it's at," said Michael Champlin, creator of The Tulsa Project, a local online magazine. "I double dog dare you to beat that view."

When a patio is as sought-after as the one at El Guapo is, to make reservations would be wise. Either that or be ready to wait.

"I love Tucci's and El Guapo, but we have a hard time getting to sit up there" on the rooftop patio, Susan Vineyard said on Facebook.

Elwood's Restaurant (f.k.a. River's Edge), 19th and Riverside Drive
Everyone's got springtime twitterpation over Elwood's Restaurant, the reincarnation of The River's Edge, T-Town's lamented former riverfront cafe. Now that Elwood's is open, everyone from downtown's lunch crowd to the thousands of walkers, runners and bikers who use RiverParks each day can stop in for a sandwich, a hot dog and/or a cold beer.

"My dog asked me to vote for River's Edge," Brian Elliott said on Facebook. "He's happy it's back."

Arnie's, 318 E. Second Street
"Arnie's has the best patio downtown," said Holly Wall, senior editor at Tulsa Business Journal and arts writer with Urban Tulsa Weekly. "No contest. End of story. It's quaint, and the trees and brush offer nice shade. Scratch that. It's the best patio in town."

The Hunt Club, 224 N. Main Street
"The Hunt Club's new second-story patio is super-cool," said Jonathan Bolzle on Facebook. "The vibe is urban and cosmopolitan."

Lola's at the Bowery, 5 East Brady.
"Lola's at the Bowery," said Kristen Bergman, president of Atmos Strategic Communications. "She burns pinion wood and it smells yum."

Dilly Deli, 402 E. Second Street.
Bocce ball and a little something called a Jon Michael, a sandwich packed with a pound and a half of pastrami and swiss cheese, served on rye.

"You can't go wrong with Dilly Deli," said Kevin Pyle on Twitter.

Joe Momma's, 112 S. Elgin
Now that Oneok Field is open downtown, this patio, right on the thoroughfare between parking and the ballpark, is right in the middle of the action. Plus, there's cheeseburger pizza to be had. It'll make you cry in a good way.

Elote Cafe, 514 S. Boston Ave.
If you're looking for a big city feel the next time you feel like dining alfresco, Elote and its sidewalk patio on Boston is the place to be.

The Boulder Grill, 17 W. Seventh Street
Homemade tater tots. Also, a fire pit. It also helps that this restaurant is all the rage amongst downtown movers and shakers these days.

Caz's Chowhouse, 18 E. Brady Street
Get chicken fried steak and other Oklahoma classics on a patio in the middle of Tulsa's arts district. Mmm, mmm, good.

Fat Guy's Burger Bar, 140 N. Greenwood
Imagine: Eating a big, fat double burger, drinking a big, fat Marshall IPA and then taking about 20 paces to the west to enjoy a Drillers game at Oneok Field. It's all possible from the patio at Fat Guy's.

Cherry Street

White Owl Pub

Full Moon Cafe, 1525 E. 15th Street 
Get covered, pergola-style alfresco dining at this cafe that serves American classics and really, really cold beer - even colder than that on Friday nights closest to the full moon.

Tucci's, 1344 East 15th Street
Dine Cherry Street-side on some seriously yummy pizza and pasta.

Camille's Sidewalk Cafe, 1342 E. 15th Street
The name says it all. This patio goes especially well with the downtown backdrop and a giant slice of Camille's carrot cake. Or, a glass of white wine.

White Owl, 1325 E. 15th Street
Dine outside without being exposed to the elements. Order the loaded fries and a few rounds of Marshall IPA.

Coffeehouse on Cherry Street, 1502 E. 15th Street
That patio at Coffeehouse on Cherry Street (known by locals as CHOCS) is my favorite place to spend a weekend morning. Topeca coffee and pastries and quiches, many of which are vegan or vegetarian, are what's for breakfast. The chiminea and incredible customer service top off the CHOCS patio experience.

Utica Square

More Queenies

Stonehorse Cafe, 1748 Utica Square
"Stonehorse Saturday brunches are THE BEST," said Jessica Judd on Facebook. Indeed, Jessica - check out the prettiest and some of the best-tasting quiche in town. Have only with champagne.

The Wild Fork, 1820 Utica Square
The Wild Fork is the place to see and be seen and get your outdoor dining on at the same time. Adjacent to the main courtyard in Tulsa's first upscale shopping center, it's like dining in a fancy garden, too.

Queenie's, 1834 Utica Square
You could dine inside at bustling Queenie's, or you could spend your lunch on a Utica Square sidewalk, people watching. Which can get pretty fancy in that part of town.


Cafe Ole, 3509 S. Peoria Ave.
The patio at Cafe Ole is in the heart of Brookside, Tulsa's original cruising strip-turned-upscale shopping and dining district.

"Great food, terrific atmosphere and the best margaritas," said Melanie Biskup of this Tulsa patio.

Here's a tip on what to order: "I live for Cafe Ole queso," said Kate Spencer on Twitter. Believe me when I say, believe Kate Spencer.

The Brook, 3401 S. Peoria Ave.
The Brook offers yet another kid-friendly, street-side patio - it's completel enclosed, but when all the windows are open, you could be said to be approximately 72 percent outside. At least, that's what my figures tell me. Order the buffalo chicken sandwich with macaroni and cheese as your side.

Crow Creek Tavern, 3534 S. Peoria Ave.
Got a bike? As in, the kind of a motor in it. If so, you'll fit right in at Crow Creek. With nightly live entertainment and a spot right alongside Brookside, this patio is choice for anyone looking for a post-dinner drink.

Cosmo's Cafe and Bar, 3334 S. Peoria Ave.
If you're a cosmo girl (or a cosmo guy - the folks at Cosmo are more than willing to serve their signature drinks in dude-friendly glassware), this enclosed patio is the place for you.

The Brasserie, 3509 S. Peoria Ave.
The Brasserie is one of my very favorite places in Tulsa to have brunch. Choose from the likes of a Belgian Waffle with Apple Pear Chutney and warm maple syrup, traditional eggs benedict and the breakfast tarte (with egg, bacon, gruyere, roasted tomato and creme fraiche) , and don't forget to order a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa.

Blue Moon Bakery, 3807 S. Peoria Ave.
It gets boisterous inside at Blue Moon Bakery, and seating can be hard to come by - the food there is just that good. Where better to go if you're looking for a somewhat quieter setting and extra seats than the Blue Moon patio? "Plus, it opens early for breakfast," said Gary Black, owner of another Center 1 shop, Black Optical.

Southtown and Beyond

RiverWalk Crossing, Jenks

Calistoga Bar and Grill, 500 Riverwalk Terrace at RiverWalk Crossing in Jenks
For riverside dining and some choice people watching opportunities, not to mention a great wine list and even better food, head to this California-reminiscent reprieve of a cabana patio and bar.

Elm Street Pub, 329 S. Elm Street in Jenks
Southtowners can't stop talking about this Jenks pub and grill.

Louie's Grill and Bar, 6310 East 101st Street in Jenks
The mommy bloggers of south Tulsa can't get enough of this place. Let me tell you, if anyone can gauge the worthiness of a patio at a bar, it's a mom.

Red Rock Canyon Grill, 9916 Riverside Parkway in south Tulsa
The south Tulsa iteration of this Oklahoma City-based small chain of upscale restaurants - thinks surf and turf, excellent steaks and a good wine list - comes complete with one of the best patios in town, right by the Arkansas River. There's even a couple's swing.
"Red Rock is great when they open the doors and have live music," said Sandy Martin on Facebook.

2 Brothers Bistro, 13330 South Memorial Drive in Bixby
Get breakfast or lunch on this Bixby patio throughout the week. If it's dinnertime on Friday or Saturday night, 2 Brothers Bistro is ready to seat you outside.
"Covered patio surrounded by blooming trees and an awesome meal," said Robert Founds, noting also that he digs that 2 Brothers is right by the river.

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Things to Do in Tulsa This Weekend

Opening Day 2010 of Cherry Street Farmers Market

The weekly list of things to do in Tulsa this weekend is up, but you won't find it here. It has a new home, and it's happier now. I'm happier, too. It's happier, I'm happier. We're both just dancing around like kindergartners high on Dots and Mike and Ike, let me tell you.

See, rather than create a new post for each edition of the weekend rundown, I decided it'd be easier for the universe as a whole if I created a page for it instead. And that's why.

Find the link, Things to Do in Tulsa This Weekend, right under the masthead. Or, just click that entire last sentence. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Now that you've perused the list, what are YOU doing this weekend?

Contest for Don Quichotte Tix: For TDT Facebook Fans Only

Are you a fan of on Facebook?

If not, go ahead and get happy with that Become a Fan button. If so, get your hiney over to the TDT fan page on Facebook and enter for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the latest production from Tulsa Opera, Don Quichotte.

Things to Do in Tulsa Tonight

Looking for something to do in Tulsa this Thursday night? I know of a few things. Keep checking back with this list as the day progresses - I'm adding to it as I spot events during my weekly Tulsa web troll for weekend fun.

The Pearl Farmers' Market 2010 opening
When: 4-7pm
Where: Centennial Park, 6th and Peoria
Get your green on at this first Pearl Farmers' Market of the 2010 season, Tulsa's urban evening market. As the season continues, look for live music and a food tasting/cooking demonstration of the in-season vegetables. Yum, yum.

“Larry The Cable Guy” Look-Alike Contest
When: 5-6:30 p.m.
Where: Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino, 951 W. 36th Street North
Guests who enter will be judged on how much they resemble Larry The Cable Guy. Eatin’ britches allowed! Please, no walking farts. Participants will be judged by remote radio host (A K95.5 FM radio DJ) who will determine the winner, second and third place. The winner gets a pair of tickets to Larry The Cable Guy show this Saturday, second and third place will win other gifts provided by K95.

Third Thursday at Philbrook/Tulsa Green Drinks
When: 5:30pm
Where: Philbrook Museum, 2727 S. Rockford Ave.
Philbrook has partnering with SR Hughes to present award-winning designer and sustainability activist, Stephanie Odegard. Ms. Odegard has committed herself to the marriage of fine design and social consciousness. Discover her journey from serving in the Peace Corps, to exploring modern design and the support of traditional artisanal craftspeople. In celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day, learn about the process of Nepal’s hand-knotted rug industry through demonstrations of hand carding and spinning wool. And use your plant knowledge to identify plant dyes and maybe win a prize.

Tax Day Tea Party
When: Gates and open mic at 4pm, program at 6pm
Where: Expo Square, 21st and Yale
Special guests include Vision America founder Dr. Rick Scarborough, federal prosecutor Vicki Behenna, Broken Arrow “American Idol” contestant Alaina Whitaker and several other exciting public figures and elected leaders. Parking and admission are free. Bring your lawn chairs, flags, signs, copies of your previous year's tax returns for the shredder and, as the USA Patriots put it, your patriotic attitude. Make George Bush and Ronald Reagan jokes at your own risk.

Re-Make a Sweater with Make:Tulsa
When: 6:30pm
Where: Cosi, 4929 E. 71st Street
Since April 15th is tax day, and Make:Tulsa knows that probably took the shirt off your back, the group of local craftistas is going to have an evening get together to learn to upcycle an old pullover sweater into a new stylish cardigan. Cost is $5. You’ll need to bring: Old sweater; Scissors; Tailor's chalk; Ruler or measuring tape and straightedge; Large embroidery needle; and Worsted weight yarn. For more details, check with Make:Tulsa online.

Life Drawing: Open Studio
When: 6:30pm
Where: Philbrook Museum, 2727 S. Rockford Ave.
These open studio sessions allow participants to practice drawing nude male and female models through gesture sketches. Intermediate to advanced skill level. Ooo la la!

Jennifer Knapp and Derek Webb
When: Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm
Where: Cain's Ballroom, 423 N. Main Street
Amy Courts opens. Tickets are $27.

Into the Woods
When: 8pm
Where: University of Tulsa, 800 Tucker Drive
With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and a book by James Lapine, Into the Woods weaves together the plots of some of the most recognizable Grimm fairy tales - Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, and Cinderella. The musical explores the impact of wishes, the consequences of action, and the question of what lies beyond "happily ever after." Does marrying a prince really make you happy? What DO you do with a dead giant in the backyard? What is the role of family, and what happens if we go Into the Woods alone? Tickets are $14.

Moon Over Buffalo
When: 8pm
Where: Broken Arrow Community Playhouse, 1800 S. Main Street in Broken Arrow
On the brink of a disastrous split-up caused by George’s dalliance with a young ingĂ©nue, they receive word that they might just have one last shot at stardom.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

9 Artists, 20 Slides, 20 Seconds: CHiT|CHaT:2

Looking for something artsy-fartsy to do tonight? The Young Architects Forum at American Institute of Architects of Eastern Oklahoma and Joe Momma's downtown have the perfect thing.

CHiT|CHaT is a multi-disciplinary event that brings individuals from across the design community together to share creative works and ideas. Presenters will be showing 20 images of their work for 20 seconds each. Each artist will speak about the images, and you can bet that they're going to get all creative up in there.

Here are the deets:
When: Tonight, April 14, 7pm
Where: Joe Momma's downtown, 112 S. Elgin Ave.

Presenters include: printmaker- Denny Schmickle, architect- Lanny McIntosh, illustrator- Bryan Cooper, interdisciplinary artist- Glenn Herbert Davis, design firm- Tepera/Hood, photographer- Joshua Meier, painter/sculptor- Grace Grothaus, musician/video- Daniel Sutliff, artist/designer- Darshan Phillips.

CHiT|CHaT:1 was a resounding success, and it was good opportunity for exposure for Tulsa artists. It also proved to be a source of inspiration for fellow individuals in creative fields.

Go get inspired.

Tulsa tradition celebrates 100 years

Last week, the east end of Utica Square was the site of a weekend-long birthday party, complete with an invitation-only gala, celebrity appearances, spa showcases and high-end trunk shows.

Both the host and guest of honor was Miss Jackson’s, Tulsa’s upscale department store, which celebrates the100-year anniversary of its founding this month.

“Everyone is so excited,” said Judy White, president of Miss Jackson’s. “How many businesses have survived 100 years?”

Read the rest of this story on the High Life page in Tulsa Business Journal.

Concession stand staples go gourmet at Oneok Field

ONEOK Field, Opening Night

Peanuts, Cracker Jack, hot dogs and cold beer — these are the consumables we expect to see on a menu board above a ballpark concession stand. Of course, all of these noshes are available at Oneok Field, which celebrated its grand opening April 8.

But shrimp, kabobs, bistro-style carving stations with prime rib and pork loin and a specialty dessert cart, on which many of the items are made by Tulsa’s own Merritt’s Bakery — these are more on the unexpected side.

This upscale, gourmet menu will be available to sports fans in the 23 suites at Oneok Field. Suite and club seat holders also have access to the private restaurant and bar at the park, Tycoon’s, which features an outdoor balcony and seating for 80.

Read the rest of this story on the Food page in this week's edition of Tulsa Business Journal.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pop Culture in Studio K: Ballet for the Rest of Us. Plus, a giveaway.

UPDATE: We have a winner!

The holder of the 12th entry was...

Congrats, Ashley! E-mail me ASAP to claim your prize. 

Thanks to all for playing. I really enjoyed trying to imagine ballet dancing to the tune of the songs you suggested. And I may or may not have tried a few myself. Even though I have no business ballet dancing, especially not alone in the dark to My Endless Love. Wait - that's ice skating and Adam Sandler isn't it? My bad. 

Thanks again!

Pop Culture in Studio K, Tulsa Ballet

Something visitors and long-time Tulsans alike sometimes don't realize about Tulsa is that the city is home to a world-class ballet company, Tulsa Ballet.

This weekend our very own Tulsa Ballet will premier its newest production, Pop Culture in Studio K. Forget about your typical ballet set to classical music - this ballet is a mix of contemporary dance with popular music, and it all takes place in the heart of Tulsa’s Brookside district.

How to Feed Sushi to a Toddler

Sushi Train

It doesn't seem to matter if sushi looks like this Crunchy Philly Roll:

Sushi Train

Or this California Roll (on the left):

Sushi Train

Or this Lisa Roll:

Sushi Train

My son just isn't enthusiastic about sushi.


Sushi Train

Though it doesn't always end well, I do have a process for trying to coerce my son into trying foods that are foreign to him (though as much as this family eats sushi, especially from Sushi Train at 51st and Harvard, I don't quite see how we can classify it as a "foreign food"). For what it's worth, here's how it goes.

Get my 1-2-3 method for introducing new foods to toddlers on my blog at

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cherry Street Farmers' Market Opening: A Recap

Opening Day 2010 of Cherry Street Farmers Market

The Cherry Street Farmers' Market, the largest farmers' market in Tulsa and one of the largest in the region, kicked off its 2010 season Saturday morning with a ribbon cutting to celebrate its new home on 15th Street.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

ONEOK Field: A Home Run for Tulsa Families

Fireworks Friday at ONEOK Field

After spending a good part of the weekend there, I can attest that ONEOK Field, the new home of our Tulsa Drillers, is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Tulsa. Part of why is the packed schedule of promotions available there.

Learn about what's going on for kids and their caregivers at ONEOK Field, including what's going on today (yep, baseball players work even on Sundays), on my blog at

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tulsa moms, buy this if you want to live.

Crayon Pouch, ExplodingMary Designs by Tex Montana

Hey, hot mammas. Look what I found this week.

Fat Guy's Burger Bar: Everything You've Heard Is True.

Fat Guy's Burger Bar in Greenwood

I see you, baby.

Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Explore Farmers' Markets with Your Kids

Cherry Street Farmers Market

A trip to the farmers' market is not only an opportunity to stock up on homegrown produce and handmade goodies, but it's also a teaching tool, especially for parents of young children.

There's no reason any parent should spend a trip to the farmers' market barking at their kids not to touch anything, or to be still and quiet the entire time. Kiddos don't need to be confined to a stroller, either. Know why? There's very little a child can hurt or break at a farmers' market, and no one at the farmers' market cares if your young'un feels like squealing like a banshee or dancing around like a possessed weirdo. Really, s/he will seem like just a member of the club.

What I'm trying to say here is, the farmers' market is one of the most kid-friendly places in town. As long as you're aware of your children's whereabouts at all times and as long as they're not trying to sneak heirloom tomatoes home in their diaper covers, feel free to cut loose.

There's a saddening and growing amount of evidence out there that tells us our children's generation is losing touch with real, whole foods. This is dangerous because it's these types of foods that keep us healthy and grow young bodies, not the processed junk they find on their trays at school or at the drive-thru. The more familiar your child is with actual food, not composite chicken nuggets, frozen french fries or boxed mashed potatoes, and the earlier you make the effort to get the message about good foods across, the more like s/he will lead a long, healthy, flavor-rich life.

But that still leaves the question of how exactly to get small kids actively participating in a trip to the farmers' market. I have a few ideas on this, and I like to base them on our five senses for easy recall: Sight, hearing, touch, smell and, most exciting, taste.

Reel in the tips over at my blog on

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not bad for a historic ballpark opening in my favorite part of town.

ONEOK Field, Opening Night

Opening night at ONEOK Field was was killer, y'all.

What to Do in Tulsa This Weekend

Cherry Street Farmers Market

As heard every Friday morning on the KRMG Morning News with Joe Kelley, here's a ton of stuff to do in Tulsa this weekend.

Tonight's the Night: A Big Night in Tulsa


Between Tim McGraw and opening night at ONEOK Field, Tulsa's gonna be hopping tonight.

But just in case you didn't get Tim McGraw tickets, or in the event you find yourself considering watching the Drillers game through the fence because you missed out on tickets there, too, check out this list of killer events.

Hungry? Check out Gatsby's for breakfast.


Got a case of the morning rumblies?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hanson Leads One Day Without Shoes Walk in Tulsa

Coming up tomorrow is the One Day Without Shoes event, a day spent in awareness about the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child's life. All day you'll see folks all over town walking around without a thing protecting their feet from the sidewalk, street or grass below, all in an effort to experience life without shoes first hand, and to inspire others and increase awareness at the same time.

Art:UNTAMED 2010 Opens at Joe Momma's Downtown Tonight


The Tulsa Zoo made a splash in the art world last year with its art exhibition Art: UNTAMED, a collection of art pieces created by the animals of Tulsa Zoo, whether with paw, trunk or paintbrush.

The notion of a Penguin Picasso or a Meerkat Monet may seem bold and unusual, but art is actually a big part of many Tulsa Zoo animals' routines. Painting provides enrichment and activity that keeps animals nimble and amused, from the Elephant Yard to Chimp Connection.

The latest collection of these animal avant-garde creations will be revealed at Joe Momma’s downtown this month. Don't miss your chance to see the stunning masterpieces from such artsy animals as Sooky the elephant, Gary the Guinea Hog and the poignant final impression of the Tulsa Zoo's polar bear, Kavek.

Tonight, from 6-9 p.m., the art enthusiasts behind the counter at Joe Momma’s are helping present this latest collection in style. Look for live music by Ali Harter and a wine tasting - you know, really swanky stuff, but with pizza.

Just the way I like my charitable social functions.

As you plan your weekend, take note that this Saturday's Momma's book club, an event that brings kids and parents together through books, pizza and crafts at Joe Momma's each and every week, will feature the Tulsa Zoo, including a special offer on Tulsa Zoo Friend memberships. Get there before 11:30 to ensure you'll have a table - this event packs out both dining rooms at JM pretty much every week.

The first installation of Art: UNTAMED nearly sold out. Art and animal lovers snapping up these pieces that inspire wonder, conversation and, most importantly, the chance to educate others about these fascinating animals. Having one of these paintings hanging in your home or at your business not only adds pizzazz, but it also represents a commitment to building a better zoo.


I don't know about y'all, but I think Nacho has to be pretty much the best name for an alligator, ever.

In case you didn't know, the Tulsa Zoo is located in Mohawk Park on 36th Street North, just east of Sheridan. The zoo is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission is $8.00 for adults, $6.00 for seniors age 65 and older and $4.00 for children age 3-11; children 2 and under and Zoo Friends members are free. Zoo Friends memberships, which come with free zoo admission, can pay for themselves after just a few visits - call (918) 669-6600 or visit The Zoo on the Web to find out more or to become a membership.
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