Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Five Reasons Why Tulsans Should Use FourSquare

Whether you saw the FourSquare story on Fox23 this afternoon and you're here to learn more about FourSquare or you're a regular reader of TDT, I have just four words for you.

You should use FourSquare.

But, why? Here are five reasons.

1. You get to learn about what there is to do in your city in a whole new, more interactive way. Forget guidebooks, maps and calling every last buddy in your address book to find where the new hot place is to eat or hang out that night. Simply log on to FourSquare and see what your hip and cool buddies are up to. Sorry, but you'll just have to find a new way to annoy your friends other than calling them every time you're going out.

2. The more connected you are, the more hidden Tulsa treasures you'll find. The more happy, sunshiny Tulsans you add on FourSquare, the greater the chances you'll find the best and the most unique of what this city has to offer. We're talking about the best hole-in-the-wall dives, the best coffeeshops, the most delicious restaurants and the quirkiest landmarks. Finally you'll be that guy at the water cooler who's the most in-the-know about Tulsa's best and most secret finds.

3. It's much cooler than your old Gameboy. FourSquare isn't just a wayfinding tool - it's also a game. The more you use FourSquare, the more you earn these cool merit badges. After a certain number of check-ins, you get the newbie badge. When you visit another town and check in at a hip restaurant or cool coffeeshop there, you get an explorer badge. See where I'm going with this? These badges are a mark of honor (remember how you felt when you got your first Boy or Girl Scouts badge) and are a whole new way to totally pwn someone online. Or, however the kids are saying it these days.

4. You can follow along with and have mayorship fights with the likes of KRMG's Joe Kelley, Joe Momma's owner Blake Ewing, local jazz singer and hottie Olivia Duhon and, duh, me. See, when you use FourSquare to check in at your favorite locales, and when you check in more than any other FourSquare user at that same location, you become mayor. Ta-Da! I've been mayor of the Herman and Kate Kaiser Library for awhile now, and Joe Kelley rules a few Walgreen's and Reasor's locations with a firm hand, but nothing's saying you can't oust him. Because you wouldn't want to oust me. Would you?

5. If you own a small business or are looking for a job, it's just one more tool in your arsenal to win minds and influence people. FourSquare is great for me because it serves as an extension of my blog, the whole purpose of which is to help Tulsans find things to do in their city that they'll enjoy. But, say you own a hamburger stand and you'd love to see more foot traffic. Register your stand's location on FourSquare and offer a discount to users who check in (read: visit your hamburger stand and, odds greatly are, buy something) a certain number of times. Example: For every FourSquare user who checks in five times at your hamburger stand, s/he gets 50 percent off the next order. See? It's like a frequent customer card, only universal (anyone with a smart phone can participate in your deal), green (no need to print new cards when you run out or when your customers inevitably forget them) and, of course, way cooler.

Here's more more about how to get started using FourSquare.
Find me on FourSquare.

Got more questions about FourSquare? Have a FourSquare success story or gripe? Sound off in the comments.


Dave said...

I'm the Mayor of the Buffalo Wild Wings at Tulsa Hills, and I intend to keep it that way. Bring it on suckas!

Ed said...

But I already AM that guy at the water cooler... ;)

Tasha said...

Yes, Ed - this is absolutely, definitely TRUE! Ha!

Anonymous said...

So creepy to pass by a store and have ads beamed from that store to your cellphone.

So creepy to be in a restaurant and get messages on Twitter asking how you like it... or to skip a favored restaurant for a few days and get an email from the owner asking what's wrong.



Anonymous said...

Sorry that the tone of my comment above was too strident. Several of my friends use Foursquare regularly in New York and Montreal and love it. You may delete my comment if you wish.

Dr. Tim said...

Tasha, I have been enjoying your Tulsa blogging since moving back here this past year. I'm glad to see someone advocating for geo-location social media services as well considering that I am an avid user of Gowalla.
Just wanted to comment on your post and suggest that there are also other mobile services that Tulsan's can use to check in on activity around them.
Gowalla is one....I like it the best having also tried FourSquare and Loopt. Yelp also allows for location-based check-ins and rating locations. I suppose I could give FourSquare another try although I would love to see more Gowalla activity.
Keep it up. Glad to see activity in Tulsa.

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