Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here's the Church, Here's the Steeple: Erin Sees Tulsa

UPDATE//Valerie, you are officially the "Tulsa Steeple Know It All," guessing 9 out of 10 of the home of the steeples correctly. Apparently #9 was entirely too difficult. I would apologize, but I like the picture too much to do that. Congrats, Valerie! Wear this title proudly.

For everyone else who is wondering exactly where these steeples belong in this, the greatest city on earth, here are the answers:

1 First United Methodist
2 First Baptist
3 Boston Ave
4 Kirk
5 Vernon AME
6 Holy Family
7 Asbury
8 First Pres
9 Trinity
10 Christ the King


holy family.

As you well know, there is so much to do and see in Tulsa that sometimes I get overwhelmed with what to share with you each Thursday.

erin sees tulsa: steeples

Last week, I was enjoying happy hour with two friends who might, just might, love Tulsa and Oklahoma as much as I do. And I pleaded with them to give me a project for my next installment of Erin Sees Tulsa.

Without even batting an eye and almost in unison, they suggested steeples.

erin sees tulsa: steeples

We happened to be sitting at the Boulder Grill (which I might add has the best homemade tater tots EVER and also serves Marshall's beer, a local favorite) and I turn around to see my friends had found their inspiration high in the sky and right across the street.

So, steeples it is, my friends. With a church on every corner and a city that has a rich history in art deco, there are some breathtaking structures that beg to be admired.

holy family.

But before I divulge just exactly what I saw, I want to make this a guessing game.

Here's how it'll work: I'll show you a steeple and you get to tell me what church it belongs to. And don't even think about contradicting me and telling me that these structures aren't steeples. In my world they are. Period. And it's your job to tell me what church they call home. Fun? Totally.

Let's see how well you know your city. While there is no "prize" for the winner, TDT and I have agreed to crown who ever guesses all 10 correctly the "Tulsa Steeple Know It All."

And by crown we mean, name. It's an honor of the highest, do not be fooled.

Ready? OK!

erin sees tulsa: steeples

erin sees tulsa: steeples

erin sees tulsa: steeples

erin sees tulsa: steeples

erin sees tulsa: steeples

erin sees tulsa: steeples

erin sees tulsa: steeples

erin sees tulsa: steeples

erin sees tulsa: steeples

erin sees tulsa: steeples

I know some are harder than others, but do your best and be the first to answer correctly! I will be back next Thursday with the winner and more things for you to see, just you wait.

Tulsa photographer Erin Conrad photoblogs weekly at Tasha Does Tulsa as Erin Sees Tulsa. Check out her recent posts here.

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Valerie said...

#1 First United Methodist Tulsa, #2 First Baptist Tulsa, #3 Boston Avenue United Methodist, #4 Kirk of the Hills, #5 I think is Vernon AME Church on Greenwood, #6 I think it is Trinity Episcopal, but if not, Holy Family Cathedral?, #7 Asbury, #8 First Presbyterian, #9 SERIOUSLY???? my best guess would be First Christian Church because of the circle around the cross, #10 Christ the King.

Okay, that was my best shot. And I am a church pianist in Tulsa, so surely I've got part of it in the bag...:)

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