Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Guessing Game

UPDATE//We have a winner!

You all put forth some clever, well-thought-out answers, but coleelijah's takes the cake. The photo was indeed taken at Topeca Coffee, on Fifth Street in downtown Tulsa. coleelijah, e-mail me to claim your prize.

Thanks to all for playing, and look for other photo contests to come.


Back when I started this nutty little blog three years ago I posted a mystery photo contest. The reader who could guess the location depicted in this photo:

...won a prize.

I really enjoyed that game, and I love the idea of challenging my readers, who are for whatever reason more attractive than the average population, on their Tulsa knowledge. It's a chance for newcomers to get familiar with the city, too.

So, let's do it some more. Think of this series as Tasha Does Trivia. Or Tasha Does Mystery 918 Locations. Or Where's Tasha?

That last one would probably be infringing on some kind of copyright, but I'm not sure. I'll ask my legal department.

Here's the photo.

Mystery Photo


Like I said, the first reader to guess the location at which this photo was snapped in the comments section of this post wins a prize. At stake is a $20 gift certificate to any locally owned restaurant within Tulsa city limits.

Bam again! That's a great prize, right? I could do some serious caloric damage with a $20 ticket to my favorite Tulsa-owned eatery.

Since I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't the one who snapped the photo in the first place I'd be totally lost on where this could be, I'll give y'all a few hints.

1. It smells really good in the place where I took this photo.
2. Everyone who comes to this location is, much more often than not, fully clothed.
3. This location has been featured in a post here on TashaDoesTulsa.com.

Off to the races with you. If no one has guessed the location correctly by 10pm, I'll give you all some more hints.

Have fun! And do Tulsa today.


Rusty Rowe said...

El rio verde?

Geoffrey said...

Casa Bonita

cityboy said...

warehouse market/ mazzios on 11th street and elgin?

miranda said...


coleelijah said...

Topeka Coffee

Ed said...

coleelijah got it. It's the tile work in Topeca Coffee in the Mayo Hotel.

Anonymous said...

Reading & Bates

The Napkin Dad said...

Topeca Coffee, Mayo hotel. I spelled it right, I win.

jo said...

El Guapo?

The Napkin Dad said...

Dang, nevermind....

scott said...

totem pole, foyl, ok.

Karen said...

Tulsa Zoo

Bev Avey said...

I think the pic from today 5/26 is at Bog Splash!

Bev Avey said...

ooppss, BIG SPLASH!

Amy Marcoux said...

the Praying Hands at ORU

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