Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring FiberFest. Plus, a Giveaway.

My Secret Life

There's something you might not know about me.

My Secret Life

No, not that I had my prom photos taken not once, but twice at Woodward Park. And no, not that I can eat an entire Wet Burrito at El Rio Verde. And no, not that I'm afraid of geese.

Because I've already told you all that stuff. All of that, you already know.

My Secret Life

Nope. It's something else.

My Secret Life

Okay, I'll tell you: I'm a knitter. See that baby blanket? I knitted that. It took awhile - as in, several months of diligent, continued stitching - but I did it. I got a ton of strange looks when I'd work on it in public, and dozens of loads of laundry and dishes went undone because of it, but I did it.

Knitting is my weird little way of rebelling against the blogger/electronics/modern conveniences-using side of me. Because it's nice to know that in case one day everything we take for granted suddenly goes away, at least I'll know how to spin all that dryer lint I've been saving for the past few years (not out of preparedness but out of something more like laziness) into something that will guard me from the infamous Oklahoma winter wind.

It'll be ugly as sin, but it'll be warm. Also, it'll be ugly.

Did I mention that it'll be ugly?

My Secret Life

Thank goodness for the first-ever Spring FiberFest here in Tulsa, kicking off tomorrow.

*shiver* Woah. My knees are shaking at the thought of all that fibery goodness. I can't wait to stock up on something to knit with besides dryer lint.

Here's the rundown of what'll take place at the event:

11am-5pm: Shop from local fiber vendors
12pm-5pm: Demos of yarn spinning, knitting machine, loom weaving, and more
11am-5pm: Stitch Pavilion open – take a break from shopping and classes to have a seat and enjoy a treat from our food and drink vendors, or just sit and knit/crochet for a while in the lovely retreat atmosphere of “The Barn’s” pavilion. Sit overlooking rolling hills and a picturesque pond – what a great location to relax with friends and do some stitching.

So, there's all that fun stuff to do, but for the less initiated in the fiber world, or even for those who have been working with yarn and fiber for a long time but could use a refresher course, the Spring FiberFest offers a set of classes.

12pm – Beginning Crochet
2pm – Beginning Knitting
3:30pm – Nifty Knitter (kid friendly!)
3:30pm – Intro to Fair Isle (big-time stuff)

Classes will be free to attend. The supply kits required for the classes are available for purchase at FiberFest from Loops, my favorite yarn store ever, ever, ever.

Or, you could win one of those supply kits right here.

Up for grabs is a supply kit for any of the classes at FiberFest. Each includes goodies like dreamy yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas (the maker of the yarn that stars in the baby blanket shown above), needles/the hook needed to complete the project and whatever else is needed to kick butt and take names in your fiber class.

Here's what you do to win: Head to the comments, the TDT Facebook fan page or @-reply TDT on Twitter and tell me about the ugliest knitted thing you've ever seen.

Maybe it was handmade, maybe it was store-bought. Maybe it was a gift, maybe you bought it all on your 1982. Maybe it was a passable garment before you washed it in hot water and stuck it in the dryer on the scorch setting.

Whatever the case, tell me about it by 9pm tonight. My favorite response gets the prize, so be creative.

Good luck, and happy knitting/hooking/spinning/felting/general yarn playing!


Dave said...

I guess this will help me explain my urge to do old school journaling. You have a "beautiful" blanket, and I have a leather bound journal full of newspaper clippings and art... It's very Hemingway.

Also, do you suppose they could've called it something other than "Fiber Fest"?? Sounds like a health nut expo.

Mercedes Millberry said...

There is the first sweater I knitted. It had a hood. I didn't check carefully before attaching said hood. Needless to say, always check before attaching the hood. It would be perfect if I decide to turn to a life of crime and don't need to be able to see out of both eyes.

Sherri said...

OK, I'm not participating in the give-away, but I just had to let you see one of the items I came across while searching for "freestyle crochet!"


Oh, and also regarding [QUOTE: Also, do you suppose they could've called it something other than "Fiber Fest"?? Sounds like a health nut expo.] We did consider for about a half a second using a Grape Nuts box with yarn cascading out of the top as our logo, LOL!

Jill of All Trades said...

Knitter huh...I can do a bit but I am truly a novice with the knit thing. I'm more a crocheter. LOVE the wet burrito at El Rio!!!!!

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