Friday, May 14, 2010

Drive-Thru Art

If you see what seems like a random tractor trailer around downtown as you enjoy Mayfest, the Blue Dome Arts Festival and the Brady Arts Festival this weekend, don't just stand there and stare. Approach.

Then, be amazed.

As you'll see, it's not a random trailer like you thought. In fact, it's an art gallery - a moveable one, to be exact. And it's all thanks to FREIGHT Mobile Art Gallery, brought to Tulsa by Shane Hood of elevenTH and graphic designer Michael Champlin of The Tulsa Project.

FREIGHT challenges the notion of the static art gallery by aiming to create an ephemeral interaction of art in an instant format, according to the FREIGHT website. Patrons could find the gallery housed in anything from shipping containers to U-Haul trucks to covered trailers.

The really cool part about all of this is, this mobility allows Hood and Champlin to present an impromptu gallery opening anytime and anywhere in the city of Tulsa. The low-tech nature of the gallery presentation experience removes the barrier of formality between the artist and public, allowing for greater access to the art inside.

And no, you may not have fries with that.

Featured this weekend is Tulsa artist Grace Grothaus. Here's what she has to say about her work:

"Colliding the organic with the manufactured, I question our position between a world that we shape ourselves and the natural world. My paintings are made out of materials such as leaves and various plastics that reflect that juxtaposition. I "sculpt" my paintings up in many translucent layers and mount them in florescent-lit lightboxes. Doing so allows me to achieve delicate transitions from light to dark. It is my hope that these cityscapes will delight your senses as much as your mind."

For all of your insta-art needs, keep an eye on FREIGHT.

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I really hope it stops raining, because I really wanted to go this year. This looks really interesting.

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