Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blue Dome Arts Festival: In Color

If I could put together a slogan that would make everyone involved with the Blue Dome Arts Festival cringe, it would probably go a little something like this:

Blue Dome Arts Festival: Like Mayfest, but a couple of blocks to the northeast.

Why the folks at BDAF dislike that oft-made comparison is, Blue Dome Arts Festival isn't anything like Mayfest. Yeah, there are a variety of art and edible goodies vendors at BDAF, much like what someone would find at Mayfest. And yeah, there will be tons of artsy-fartsy people at BDAF, much like what someone would find at the art festival a few blocks south.

But Blue Dome Arts Festival offers more of an indie feel, a grassroots atmosphere - almost like a group of artists just got together one weekend and decided to put up and bunch of tents and ply their wares. Think about it this way: As Mayfest is to McDonald's, Blue Dome Arts Festival is to your hometown, hole-in-the-wall burger joint. We all like and want them both in our lives.

But, for very different reasons.

Get more than 120 artists, an assortment of Tulsa's local bands and a special kids' section at this larger-than-ever Blue Dome Arts Festival, the flagship event for this burgeoning district of downtown Tulsa.

This year's theme is "Come Explore the Blue Dome" - and you should do just that this weekend.

Yes, that's a Volvo. And, yes, those are singing lobsters.

Worried about battling 400,000 other Tulsans for parking this weekend? Look for T-Town Trolley to provide transport from the TCC parking lot at 9th Street and Boston Ave. to the Blue Dome Arts Festival, as well as to Mayfest. Use of the parking lot will be free of charge to patrons of both festivals.

There. Problem solved.

The Blue Dome Arts Festival kicks off along Elgin tomorrow (Friday) at 11am. They'll close up shop at 9pm and reopen Saturday from 11am-9pm. Sunday's hours are 11am-5pm.

See you all there.

All photos by my soon-to-be Tulsa boomeranger friend (Tulsa boomeranger: Someone who tried to move away from Tulsa but then moved back because they missed it so danged much), Amanda Emerson.


Anonymous said...

Support your local's!!

myletterstoemily said...

especially dilly deli!

i have always wondered what the blue
domed building was and what its history

Morgan said...

Be sure to stop by the Tulsa Craft Mafia booth and say hi!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the Art & Soul festival in the Brady Arts District, going on at the same time, sponsored by Tulsa Living Arts & Local Art Matters. The Artcars (sponsored by Living Arts) will be at the Art & Soul festival on Saturday.

(Read more here:

Anonymous said...

...As Mayfest is to McDonald's?

very insulting...

Tasha said...

Well, Anonymous, my guess is that you don't like McDonald's. Which is too bad for you. Their fries are awesome.

Traveling Spork said...

mmm, fries.

Holly said...

We're just waiting for the sunshine to come out and play (fat chance?) so we can get on with the show. Make it all better, Tasha!! You're famous around here, maybe the weather will listen to you. :-)

Tasha said...

Holly, I've been praying and crossing my fingers and have even tried holding my mouth a certain way - you know, like when you put on mascara so you can do it just so? - and do luck yet. Guess we'll all have to keep hoping!

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