Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Post

Crazy Little Bird

One of my grandmothers has a nickname for me.

She calls me Little Bird. Now, this isn't one of those just-for-no-reason, cutesy type of nicknames that everyone makes fun of each other about on the playground.

It's because, over the course of my short life, I've preferred to stick close to the nest.

Crazy Little Bird

Like a baby bird.

That's why when I saw this little guy (at least, I think it's a guy) on my back porch last spring, too little to fly very well on its own and looking lost and scared and not sure about what to do next, my heart ached.

Crazy Little Bird

Sometimes, when I'm in a situation that's outside of my comfort zone but is necessary for my growth, I feel like this little bird.

I mean, look at this thing. Who hasn't felt like this at some point?

Crazy Little Bird

All alone. Far from home. Small and scared. And all I want to do is turn tail and head back to the nest.

My grandmother, she knows this about me. And while I think she would have been perfectly happy letting me stay a little girl forever (what parent doesn't entertain that thought?), she has always pushed me toward the edge of the nest anyway, even when it made both of us ache.

Crazy Little Bird

And even when I'd yell at her for pushing.

This is how I look in the morning, by the way. A little lost, a little pissed off, but mostly just fluffy.

Crazy Little Bird

On this Mother's Day I'd like to thank the mothers in my life who continually push me, not just for the sake of being better at something, but to achieve my potential, even when I'd rather snuggle into what was comfortable at the time, as I'm wont to do.

Crazy Little Bird

Because when the nest is safe and warm, there's nothing like a mother to know just how to tell you to locate your socks, grab a coat and move your ass.

Happy Mother's Day, all.


TulsaTourist said...

Great Mother's Day post, Tasha! I have a great Mother's Day story for your readers as well! I have a boat that is kept outside at a storage facility. Thursday the boat was dropped off for service, and on Friday, we got a call that not only was the boat ready, but there was a kitten on board! When we got there to pick the boat up, someone had already taken the kitten home, BUT! we discovered THREE more in hiding!! We figured that the mother had given birth to them on the boat last Sunday, and the kittens were so young their eyes weren't even open!! So we took them and hurried back to storage and put them in the grass. Within minutes Mama cat heard them and appeared! The mother was reunited with her babies!! Happy Mother's Day!!! :)

GreenEyes said...

Nice story. Everyone feels like that sometimes (I think) and it's always reassuring to be reminded of that fact. Great pics too! I hope that little bird made it. Even knowing the photos are from a year ago I want to cry for that little bird because he does look so scared.

lyonpridej said...

What great pictures,and the sentiment to go along with it-that baby makes you want to just pick it up & cuddle it!

Tasha said...

TulsaTourist, that is such a great story! I loved it.

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