Friday, May 28, 2010

Miss Tulsa Burger Pageant

WE HAVE A WINNER!//Your votes are in and Miss Tulsa Burger has been crowned, ladies and gentlemen. Let me tell you, she's a blushing beauty.

Congrats, Miss Claud's! Wear the Miss Tulsa Burger crown proudly.

Claud's Hamburgers

Runners up include Miss Fat Guy's at 2nd and Miss Gatsby's at 3rd. You go, ladies!

Thanks to everyone for voting, and be sure to send in your photo nominations for the next Miss Tulsa Burger Pageant!

*cue music* There she is...Miss Tulsa Burger...


Claud's Hamburgers

Did you know that it's National Hamburger Day? It's true.

And did you know that one of the many areas in which Tulsans are experts is the world of burgers? That's true, too. In fact, there's a blog based right here in T-Town that's all about the burgers. Plus, it's written by a guy named Joe. How could it not be awesome?

To honor this most beefy of days, I thought it'd be fun to dig through the TDT photo archives and host the first ever Miss Tulsa Burger Pageant, right here on TDT.

Swimsuit competition? We don't need no stinkin' swimsuit competition. These burgers are au naturel, baby.

Check out the contenders, then vote for your favorite at the bottom.

Miss Claud's

Claud's Hamburgers

Miss Arnold's

Arnold's Burger

Miss Fat Guy's

Fat Guy's Burger Bar in Greenwood

Miss La Villa at Philbrook

La Villa Burger

Miss Gatsby's

Burger from Gatsby's Grill

Miss Lola's


Miss Boulder Grill

The Boulder Grill

Miss Midtown Meats

MidTown Meats

So, who's the lucky lady? Vote here: 

Who wins the first Miss Tulsa Burger Pageant?

View Results

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Don't see your favorite Miss Burger in the competition? While this contest isn't meant to be a comprehensive Tulsa burger smackdown, if a certain greasy lady has a special place in your heart, give her a shout out (or, better yet, a link to a hot profile pic) in the comments.


Trisha said...

Oh my. How do I choose just one?

Nichole said...

No Brownies?! No Webers?!

Anonymous said...

The Center 1 market & cafe "Manchego burger" has been rated very high.

Anonymous said...

Hmm Gatsby's looks mighty fine! She's got beautiful buns. (oh gosh, I know, terrible - but true!)

Tasha said...

Folks, this isn't mean to be a comprehensive Tulsa burger smackdown. As I mentioned in the post (and as I'm about to edit to emphasize), these burgers are from my photo archives and, since it's National Hamburger Day, I wanted to do something fun with them.

Maybe a second, in-the-future Miss Tulsa Burger Pageant is in order? Yum!

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

How have I never had any of those burgers... I've lived in Tulsa for 9 years and I was thinking Goldies or Webers or Ron's were some of the better burgers. I will for sure be trying some new Burger places soon. :) Can't wait to see who wins.

Tara U. said...

Where's Miss Brewburger? She deserves a shout out!

Joe @ Joe's Burger Search said...

I agree with GlobalTable, that Gatsby burger has some lovely buns. We're talking Kardashian sized buns.

Anonymous said...

HELLO?!?! Miss Brewburger!??!?!

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