Thursday, May 14, 2009

YOU Are the ABoT

That's right, it's you - you are the absolute best of Tulsa. That you're reading this blog right now shows that you give enough of a rip about this city to either:

a) look up a blog about Tulsa on the Interwebs when there are so many hilarious videos of cats and puppies and babies beckoning from YouTube; 
b) be brave enough to subscribe to a blog called Tasha Does Tulsa that has nothing to do with what Debbie's doing in Dallas;
c) check this blog before you make your choices on where to eat, where to go for entertainment and what to do to fully experience the Tulsa area. 

While you could very easily vote for yourself in each and every category of Urban Tulsa Weekly's  2009 Absolute Best of Tulsa survey, you'd come off less like someone who drank the crazy Kool-Aid if you took the time to cast some thoughtful votes for, you know, other people.

The survey is pretty intense, asking for who you think is the best city counselor, which is the best restaurant, and who you think are the best musicians in Tulsa. By the way, the music section of the survey was expanded this year, so pay special attention and weigh in carefully. 

ABoT has been kind of a big deal in Tulsa for 18 years now. It's such a cool deal because it's not some bad imitation of those multiple-choice tests we all had in our easy classes in college. You have to know your stuff to get through the survey. The results of this survey actually mean something - it's by Tulsans, for Tulsans, about Tulsans.

Send in your ABoT ballot or vote online by May 21. If you vote online, you might win a prize. And wouldn't that be just creamy?

Then, look for the run-off ballots in the June 11 and June 18 issues. Readers choice results will be published July 16. 

Take ten minutes and bust out the best as you know it. Then, take yourself out for ice cream. Go ahead - I give you permission.

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Brigid said...

I already voted. Gee, I can't seem to recall who I picked for best blog . . . :)

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