Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ein Bier, Bitte

Like most Tulsans of German descent, I need a little somethin'-somethin' to get me through to Oktoberfest

The sixth annual Germanfest was kicked off Friday evening, bursting with food, music, German imports of interest and, of course, beer. On tap. In a building reminiscent of a church. It all felt so...German.  

It's not too late to grab your lederhosen and head to the GAST building, just west of 15th and Lewis, for a generous dose of polka music and sauerkraut. The festival continues tomorrow (Sunday, May 3) from noon until 5 p.m.   

Be sure to get nice and hungry before you arrive, because at Germanfest, there's always enough food to fill your tummy in every which way - especially out. Way, way out. 

Pictured above is our second course: Potato pancakes (Kartoffelpuffer) with applesauce, a dish I might just ask for if I ever find myself on death row and in need of a last supper, and apple strudel (Apfelstrudel). Before this we shared a Schnitzel (when you hear Schnitzel, think pork tenderloin breaded in homemade bread crumbs) sandwich on German rye with lettuce, tomato and pickle and a Schnitzel dinner, served with some to-die-for potato salad, a green salad and rye bread. 

I was almost too full to dance to this: 

Music by the Reuter Duo. Heini and Walter know how to please a crowd. They'll be playing Sunday from noon until 3.

Here's an idea: Round up the entire family and head out to Germanfest tomorrow after church for lunch. There's no admission fee, so why not? Plus, plenty of free activities are waiting for the kiddos to keep them out of the mud created by a week's worth of rain here in T-Town.

Because do you really need to eat another southwest egg roll Cajun barbeque ranch cheese wrap or a buffet massacre special No. 2? Smoked bratwurst and Polish sausage will look better on you, even if you're so unfortunate as to not have any ancestors from the Vaterland.


meeciteewurkor said...

Ach ja.. Deutsches Bier. Gibt's nichts besseres.
Ich haette vorbei gehen sollen.

Spricht's mal Deutsch?

Emiline said...

Oh! My friends and I went on Friday! I had so much fun I went back on Saturday by myself, and ate more food! And met the Ukrainian crowd. It was a blast!

Amanda said...

Last year, I thought a vendor at Germanfest was showing the new Smart Car so I walked right up to the crowd surrounding one and got in with my mom to deem it spacious. Problem was, it wasn't a vendor. It was just some guy's car. It was spacious, though.

jen said...

we need an olga does okc or something...

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