Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Tulsa-Centric Mothers Day

Check here for a 2010 list of Mother's Day brunch options, and here for an idea if you're looking for more of a dine-in style of Mother's Day this year.

Be advised: What follows is a list of 2009 Mother's Day events.

Happy Mother's Day 2010, everyone!

Tulsans love their mothers. That's whey there are so many things going on in this town for Mothers Day - we're a family kind of folk, we Tulsans, and our mothers might just be more important to us than Italian mothers are to their sons.

I said, "might." Mafias and hip Tulsa pizza joints have been named after Italian mothers. As far as I know, 'Tulsa" means "old town" in the Creek language, not "mother," most unfortunately for this blog post.

Finding yourself dumbstruck by all the options for what to do for Mom for Mothers Day this year? What am I here for but to whittle down your options to relieve you of your decision-making anxiety (not that I know anything about decision-making anxiety):

Get Mom to the PAC - for half-price. Mom kinda boy crazy, but not exactly the Chippendale's type? Get her to the Ten Tenors show at the Tulsa PAC.

From the Tulsa PAC Web site:

The Ten Tenors came together in 1995 when they were students at the Queesland Conservatorium of Music is Brisbane. Their ability to mix classical, rock and opera with an innate charisma and humor that is distinctly Australian has charmed audiences all over the world.

TTT specializes in an eclectic and entertaining reportoire of innovative arrangements of fan favorites, including the much-requested "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen and a lively Bee Gees medley. Heartbreakingly beautiful opera arias, Australian folk tunes and songs by other Australian groups like Men at Work contribute to this handsome group's universal appeal.

Still not sold? What if I said the tickets were half price? Well, it has now been said. Open another browser window and head here to buy tickets. Discounted tickets range $9-30; the password to the sale is the word Mom. Shows are May 9 at 8 p.m. and Mother's Day at 2 p.m.

Crayons! Improv. So Mom's not the opera type, but she does like a good show. Okay, then, here's another idea: There's a buzz going on around town about this group, Crayons! Improv, a comedy troupe that acts without a script and builds its storylines from audience suggestions.

For just $5, Mom could really cause some trouble at the next showing this Friday at 8 p.m. at Agora, in the Fontana Shopping center at 51st and Memorial. Something else: See the lovely, charming blonde girl on the left? I had the pleasure of having her as a classmate for many years. Look at her now, tickling Tulsa's ribs. Go, Brittany, go!

The Mother of all Farmers Markets. Momma got a green thumb? Then head down to Cherry Street Farmers Market on Lincoln Plaza (at 15th St. and Peoria Ave.) Saturday morning for the Mothers Day plant giveaway.

Get around early, because the market opens at 7 a.m., and I bet the freebies will go fast.

Knit, 2, 3, 4. Know how I know I'm not the only mother who knits? Because my favorite Tulsa knitting store, Loops in Utica Square, is always packed. Plus, owner Shelley Brander built a spacious, adorable playroom just for the kiddos so moms can peruse her colorful shelves without the chasing and slobber-wiping and pacifying. This weekend, the knitting moms among us can touch and sniff the yarn with abandon, since Shelley's hosting her first-ever Mothers Day sale.

We're talking twenty popular yarn lines 50 percent off (including some 100 percent cashmere - oh, yum), ten more yarn lines 30 percent off and 10 percent off all needles and notions. If mom brings a photo of one of her offspring wearing an item made with yarn purchased at Loops, it'll not only be posted on the Loops Wall of Fame, but Mom will also be entered into a drawing for an Amy Butler bag. Woo-hoo! Loops will be open today and tomorrow until 8 p.m., on Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday (Mothers Day, let's not forget) 1 p.m.-5 p.m.

Circle the Date. In my family, movie-watching is a sport. We get together regularly with a load of pillows, a big dinner and lots and lots of sweet tea and watch a rented movie or three. We've also been known for our holiday excursions to the movie theater, especially Circle Cinema.

On Sunday Tulsa's favorite Indie movie house will be showing Everlasting Moments and Crossing Over and will be giving each mom a free, regular-sized popcorn and soda. To that I say, "Yes, please."

You'll Be Feeding Her Anyway. Why not go out Friday or Saturday rather than waiting until Sunday? After all, you could eat for free - and I mean everyone in your Mothers Day brunch party.

Head to the Mimi's Cafe Web site and sign up for Mimi's E-club. Your reward: Free breakfast! Be sure to sign up for everyone you mean to sit at your Mothers Day table. Thanks to Sarah Roe, the 918 Coupon Queen, for passing along this yummy deal.

EDIT//Did you hear I won the 2009 Mother of the Year Award? It's true. "Torso emerged in yesterday's garbage...she makes things like that looks so elegant." Ha! Thanks to @Hetty4 for that. 


Holly Wall said...

Oh my gosh, that video is awesome.

Joy said...

I went to a Ten Tenors show last year or the year before: It was fantastical! Within about 5 minutes, every woman in the audience is in a seduced trance.

I swear on cheese that while I was talking with one of the tenors after the show, I was quite literally shoved and overtaken by a middle-aged woman trying to get an autograph. It was hilarious, albeit rude.

And the guys while in their show are hilarious as well as incredibly talented. And sexy.

Hckhm... anyway, I would love to go again. I highly suggest it.

Anonymous said...

Great post of wonderful happenings...thanks for co-hosting the mom's night out!

Funky Food Trisha said...

So great to hang out with you last night. I'm looking forward to chatting with you more soon!


Blake Ewing said...

Thanks for the link to our site. Mother's day, or "Momma's Day" as we like to call it, was a big success at Joe Momma's today.

Also, the Ten Tenors (five of the ten) came in to the restaurant late last night after their show and we ended up sitting and talking for a long time. They are awesome guys and while I've never seen a show, I can see why they're a hit. Really really cool guys. Everyone needs to try to go next time they're in town.

Anonymous said...

OK, it's now time for Mother's Day 2010. We're looking for a Mother's Day brunch for a group of 12, including three under 21........preferably a local place, not a chain. Any ideas?

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