Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Which Way, Tulsa?

Hey, good lookin'. Whatcha got cookin'? Tonight, I mean. 

Oh, yeah? Wow. That sounds really boring. You should come and join me at Cain's Ballroom for the PLANiTULSA rollout event tonight instead. What could be more exciting than to spend an evening helping to decide the future of your fair city? Digging your heels deep into the history of Tulsa? Leaving your fingerprints on what's to come in this town for generations? Eating free food from Elote Cafe & Catering while listening to Little Chairs and hanging out in one of Tulsa's most famous historic landmarks

The only thing this party will be missing are the hats. Whether or not that's a bad thing, no one knows. The party tonight gets started at 6; doors open at 5:30. 

From the PLANiTULSA Web site: 

Public input from thousands of Tulsans has been gathered, processed, digitized, synthesized and mapped. In other words - Tulsa spoke, and we listened! The results of workshops, surveys and interviews have been synthesized into four distinct scenarios for future development. 

Join Mayor Taylor at the Cain's for this PLANiTULSA event. Part pep rally, part social event, this is the rollout of the month-long public survey process. 

There will be local food from Elote Cafe and Catering and local music by Little Chairs at the historic Cain's Ballroom. 

Get a first-hand look at the four scenarios. Ask questions. Visit with friends. And hopefully you'll be motivated to spread the word throughout Tulsa! The goal is for 15,000 Tulsans to submit a survey. Help make that happen and help shape Tulsa's future.

It's been 30 years since our last master plan, Tulsa. It's time to upgrade. I mean, I haven't had the same plan for two consecutive months ever before in my entire life. I can't imagine what things would start to look like around here if I went 30 years without doing a little checking in on my plan. 

Starting today, Tulsans have the opportunity to weigh in on Tulsa's future growth. Survey responses will be collected online, by mail and fax. 

Grab the fam and some friends, huddle around the computer and your mobile Internet-capable devices and spend some time reviewing the scenarios. Then, take the survey. 

You are Tulsan. Hear you roar.

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