Monday, May 11, 2009

BookPub 2.0

I wonder if BookSmart Tulsa co-leaders Jeff Martin and Mary Beth Babcock are still in a state of shock.

Why would they be in a state of shock, you ask?

That's why.

The first BookPub meeting since BookSmart Tulsa got its start last month was, in some of my favorite words, insane, boisterous and beer-tastic. But, mostly insane. BookPub goers were practically gnawing their arms off and kicking each other in the shins in exchange for the BookSmart welcome package, which included a ticket for a free beer from the wonderful folks at McNellies Public House, we well as a copy of the first BookPub book selection, Personal Days by Ed Park.

Okay, so maybe things weren't that crazy. But people were standing in this really long line that flooded the McNellies game room and wrapped around the upstairs dining room, all anxious about whether or not they'd have to privilege to buy a book. A book, people. My heart was singing showtunes.

Want to be part of the zaniness? Then start your engines and head to the Blue Dome District yet again for the second BookPub meetup. It'll all go down at downtown's newest filling station, Dilly Deli, 2nd and Elgin.

Don't feel like you can't come if you missed the first meeting and/or didn't read or finish Personal Days. Yeah, we'll be discussing the book for a while, but I bet it'd be a fun exercise for those of us from the first meeting to try to summarize the book in as few words as possible for the newcomers.

Quick, everyone! Formulate a 30-second elevator speech for Personal Days. Because that would really please the stuffing out of Ed Park.

Anyway. Come. Show starts at 7 p.m., and because Dilly Deli has some of the most yummy sandwiches on this side of the Arkansas, don't forget to bring your appetite. Oh, and your bocce ball skillz. Because Dilly Deli has a bocce ball lawn. Also, shuffleboard. Yes, this super-sized deli is redefining the one stop entertainment shop.


Cuddle Monsters! Available at Dwelling Spaces. Did you know Cuddle Monsters like to read? This one is teaching my 14-month-old Goodnight Moon. I could get really happy about this if I wasn't so depressed about having that book so committed to memory that, sometimes, it gets stuck in my head like a bad '80s song.

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Jill of All Trades said...

Don't think I'll make the book thing tonight. It's the one night The Hubby isn't at his dance class. Still have to finish the book too. Maybe next one. Have fun!

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