Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Night Winner(s)

I apologize for my tardiness in announcing the winner of a pair of VIP passes to Friday night's Mayfest, a voucher for a Mayfest shirt and a voucher for a Mayfest poster. I didn't not have a hall pass, so go ahead. Call my parents up to the school. I dare you.

Sorry. Flashbacks from when I used to skip school and sneak up to Sonic for tater tots. In elementary school.


Let's see, who had the 39th entry...Mandy Moore! Congrats, Mandy. E-mail me at tashadoestulsa at gmail dot com, and we'll go from there on joining you and your tickets and vouchers in loving harmony.

Just kidding about skipping class in elementary school, by the way. I wish I could have been that cool of a kid. In reality, I never skipped a day of class in my life - not even on Senior Skip Day. And what did I get in return? A child who is ornery enough for the both of us.

Know how that makes me feel? Like giving away more passes, another T-shirt and another poster.
Laura Ritchhart entered 10th! Congrats, Laura. E-mail me, okay? Let's unite you with your tickets and Mayfest swag.

Thanks for playing, everyone! And don't be smokin' in the boys' room. Because it's naughty, that's why.

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