Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's New, Cupcake

Monday I posted one of my crazy contests. This time I wanted to give away a box of a half-dozen picture-perfect cupcakes from, where else, Kupcakz, Tulsa's first and only little cupcake shop, at 71st and Mingo. 

To enter, readers were asked to unleash their creative juices and come up with a fantasy cupcake - the cupcake of their dreams. 

You guys. I have never been so tantalized, allured, and downright hungered by a contest on this blog before. Some seriously creative cupcake lovers live in this city. Good thing there's a bakery to cater to those tastes, huh?

I had a really hard time choosing a winner today, which explains why this post is sliding in at 8 p.m. rather than this morning when I'd planned. I wanted to make sure I'd picked the most creative, the most fun, the most innovative cupcake design submitted. 

I think, though, that'd we can all agree on the winner. 

Anna Marie, with her Fourth of July Fireworks cupcake! 

Congrats, Anna Marie! E-mail me tashadoestulsa at gmail  dot com to claim your prize. 

I have to say, though, that one other cupcake caught my eye and grabbed my imagination. 

madonnacramer, out of all the cupcake designs submitted, yours would be the one I would mostly likely eat until I passed out in a sugar coma. Raspberry and lemon - so bright, sweet and fresh. Perfect for early summer. Get in my belly! 

There's a line we haven't heard in awhile, eh?

Congrats, madonnacramer! E-mail me to claim your prize. 

Thanks to all who did a little cupcake dreamin' for this giveaway. Keep those ideas handy, folks, because this sweet contest won't be the last.


Madonna Cramer said...

Wow, I am so excited to be a winner of the fantasy cupcake contest!!! Seriously had to get the hubs and son to read your post and share in my jubilation. They both wanted to try the pop rocks fourth of July cupcake too. Thanks for the great contest. I can't wait to head on over to Kupcakz and get crazy with the deliciousness there.

Brigid said...

A raspberry lemonade cupcake would be tasty and pretty easy to make. Hmm . . . if I ever throw that together, I'll let you know.

Anna Marie said...

WooHOO!! I really won?! I love cupcakes AND Kupcakz. Thanks so much, Natasha! What a fun contest!

Amanda said...

Congrats to the winners! Eat a cupcake for me!

Brooklyn said...

Just for fun ... I like the iPhone cupcakes best:

Tasha said...

Brooklyn! I love the iPhone cupcakes, too! The Cookie Monster and hamburger ones make me happy, too.

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