Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Film at Ten

The funniest thing happened the day the debut edition of my column in Urban Tulsa Weekly, Consumer Watchdog, hit the stands.

I got a call from the Oklahoma Traveler himself. That's right, folks - Scott Thompson was looking for me. He even had someone patrolling Twitter after me. I had to fan myself for three days.

That was March 18. Tonight, on May 12 at 10 p.m. on KOTV NewsChannel 6, will air something like the video incarnation of that initial Consumer Watchdog column.

Scott (even more pleasant in person than on TV, believe it or not) interviewed Hubs, Little Guy and I about what we've gone without (cable TV, store-bought and oh-so-conveniently-packaged baby food, cars with that lovely "I'm new!" smell) so that now we can live (more) as we please. In short, while I was pregnant, we learned to live, surprisingly comfortably, on one income. It can be done, folks. Let this born spender, this woman who was once in thousands of dollars in debt in just consumer credit cards, serve as proof.

Yeah, we've had to go without the HDTV, the iPhones and Blackberrys, the super-ultra awesome Slip 'n' Slides and mega bubble machines. I mean, we can't even watch our segment on Channel 6 at home because KOTV went all HD back in February.

But! I've learned to knit - once, I even knit a bikini. It fit funny and rode up in all the wrong places, but I made that skimpy little piece-a-nothin' with my bare hands, dagnabbit. I've learned to cut up a whole chicken and make five meals out of it. I've learned to drive a hard bargain at garage sales. I was going to have my own little garden until my son dumped it over his head.

It's been a dream of mine to be able to stay home with my children while they're young - heck, maybe even when they're not so young, if you guys are going to continue to be this nice to me. The opportunity to pursue my creative interests while watching my son grow and learn all day in and all day out has been worth every coupon clipped, every gorgeous-but-pricey dress I've had to put back on the rack, every day with my husband who sometimes has smelly breath (because I realize, single mommies, that if I weren't married, staying home with Kiddo would be much more difficult to swing), every filet mignon I've had to do without. To me, I haven't sacrificed. I haven't lost out. Oh, no, baby - I've earned. And it has been delicious, even more so than a bloody hunk of beef. And, for me, that's saying something.

Want to get started on your own savings journey? Visit the links below for some options for that first page in your New, Richer You biography. If you're anything like me, you'll make a game of saving money. You'll be totally addicted to stuffing cash into your savings account. You'll go, "Squeee!" when there's a sale on cotton balls. And you'll hope no one heard you.

Consumer Watchdog in Urban Tulsa Weekly
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Got an idea for a Consumer Watchdog story? Have your own tales of earning your present lifestyle? Pretty please leave them in the comments. I love hearing from you guys. Really, I do. Unless you're mean.


Emery Jo said...

Oh, I love this post. I can SO relate. You put it all so well:

"To me, I haven't sacrificed. I haven't lost out. Oh, no, baby - I've earned."


Sindy said...

Tasha, I know just how you feel! In the last two years I learned to refinish furniture, started sewing and clipping coupons like crazy. Living on one income doesn´t mean you have to go without; you are so right about this. I can´t wait to watch the feature tonight!

Mel's Mom said...

I am so proud of you!

I am slowly learning how to NOT spend every penny we make...funny how you think that's how it works!

I have become totally addicted to my coupon clipping (actually its more like paper sorting because I have a no clip method), bargain hunting, craigslist watching, toiletry hoarding, super savings blog following ways! The kicker is...I'm actually loving it!

It's so great to see YOU (someone MY age) actually doing the same things too! You are my hero!

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