Saturday, March 20, 2010

The World Is A Playground. Especially Bass Pro.

Bass Pro Shop

Ladies, we've all been there (and, yes, a few of us had to be dragged, but we're feeling better now, thank you for asking) with the men in our lives. We've seen the name of the place show up on our bank statements next to amounts rivaled only by what we spend at the grocery store (okay, okay, I mean the shoe store). We've thought to ourselves how fabulous the cookware and clothing and furniture sections are, swearing to own up to the fact at birthday time when anyone other than our husbands ask us where to shop for our presents.

The place I'm writing about here is, of course, Bass Pro Shop.

But during the course of my relationship with the Bass Pro in our neck of the woods - it's in Broken Arrow, just off the Broken Arrow Expressway at 161st Street - I've discovered something. There's an unexpected treasure trove of things for kids to do under that giant metal corrugated roof, and a trip to Bass Pro is a fabulous way to spend a rainy day or a slow afternoon. Especially when the cast iron Dutch ovens are on sale.

Here's how my kid flips the party switch at the B to the P.

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Holly said...

We just went to the Bass Pro Shop last weekend. It was actually more fun than I expected, and I ended up getting some blue corn cake mix that was pretty decent (the food/cooking section was my second favorite, next to the bird feeders and nature books). This post, from beginning to end, was completely adorable!

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