Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Order Up: Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Foodie Edition

Blue Dome Diner

Anyone who has eaten at Blue Dome Diner knows that it's not your typical, run-of-the-mill diner.

Blue Dome Diner

The diner food there is choice, of course. But there's a finer, gourmet side to this Second Street chow stop and caterer.

Blue Dome Diner

But, it's not the hoity-toity, display-case-only type of gourmet food.

It's the kind you wanna eat with your fingers.

Blue Dome Diner

As most of you know, the second-ever Tulsa Blogger Meetup will convene at Blue Dome Diner, at 313 E. Second (in downtown Tulsa on Second Street between Detroit and Elgin Avenues) tomorrow night. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

To cut down on confusion, hurt feelings and general anarchy, Brian and Jennifer, the catering and culinary geniuses at Blue Dome Diner, have offered us a killer, all-house-made catered menu.

Check out the options:
  • Black Bean Burger (vegetarian)
  • Turkey Burger
  • Traditional Burger
  • Or, one of each as a sliders plate
  • Blue Dome Diner's famous Tabouli
  • Potato Salad
  • Veggie pasta salad
  • Home fries
See? A little something yummy for every tummy. Each plate with a burger choice and a side is $10, including water, tea or pop.

What I need you to do, Tulsa bloggers, is this:

  • Step 1: Decide which burger you want or if you want the sliders plate.
  • Step 2: Choose your side.
  • Step 3: E-mail me your order (simply click the link) and do it quickly.

We want to follow the advice of our speaker for the evening, Mr. Brett McKay of The Art of Manliness, and be the best guests the Blue Dome Diner has ever seen. A great way to do this would be to have our orders in by midnight tonight, March 24.

I know that's short notice, but I wouldn't lay it on you guys if I didn't know you could pull it off. And I know you can. So here it is.

A great way to keep me happy will be to bring sufficient funds with you to buy the meal you order. If you place an order tonight and tomorrow unforeseen circumstances arise to prevent you from consuming your delicious Blue Dome Diner supper and rubbing elbows with the best bloggers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, please e-mail me right away so I can adjust our ticket.

On parking: There should be plenty of it along Second Street, as well as on Elgin Avenue and Detroit Avenue. If turnout at this event is anything like it was at the first Tulsa Blogger Meetup, you might have to walk a tiny bit, but not far.

Cool? Cool.

See y'all downtown tomorrow night!


RebekahC said...

Wish I could make it. I bet you will all have happy full tummies and a really great meet up.//RMC

globaltable said...

If I can find a babysitter we'll be there. I'm the NEWB author on Tulsa Food Blog btw. :)

Anyway, I got a recognition award from a fellow blogger. Very Nice. I was asked to pass it on to other bloggers I like. You are on the list. Check out the posting at my blog, Global Table…


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