Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going to Gridiron

Tulsa Gridiron

As you may know, I hosted a little contest earlier this week here on TDT. At stake: Two tickets to Tulsa Gridiron, a 77-year-strong tradition in music, theater and lampooning of local and national news.

Thanks to everyone who entered and took the time to answer my question about which Gridiron song most enticed you to see the show. It's interesting to learn what songs all of you are most looking forward to.

Just as much as I think you'll enjoy the songs, I know you'll love the props and costumes. Oh, man. Just wait.

Tulsa Gridiron

While I enjoyed reading what each and every one of you had to say about your favorite songs, the gods at were most pleased with Maggie today. Congrats, Maggie! You just won two tickets to Friday or Saturday's performance of Tulsa Gridiron. E-mail me ASAP to claim your prize and to let me know which night suits you best.

Thanks to all for playing and I hope to see you at the show!

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