Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I Did on My Spring Break: Camping

Spring Break Camp Out

After five school-free days of glorious weather, Mother Nature elbowed our ribs Friday night with a four-hour, forty-degree drop in temperature. Then, she tossed several inches of snow into the mix.

Mother Nature, she laughed. We parents, we grumbled. The kids, however, said this Spring Break week couldn't get any better. I mean, come on - five days of perfect playground weather AND enough snow to make snowmen until school starts again on Monday? This, they said, is a plum deal.

I'm decidedly a parent these days, but I must agree with the kids on this one.

We talked about going on a camping trip for this Spring Break. Unfortunately, we didn't get around to it until after snow made the idea of camping seem more like intense military training than a barrel of monkeys.

There was, as with most seemingly dark and murky things, a bright side to this.

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