Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Canebrake. Plus, Win Some Brunch.

The Canebrake

If you were to take a drive through Wagoner, a small county seat about 45 miles southeast of Tulsa, and stumble upon this intersection, what would you think lies at the end of this mysterious road?


The Canebrake

Or this?

The Canebrake

How about this?

The Canebrake

Believe it or not, all of this lies at the end of 732nd Road, about an hour-and-a-half's drive from downtown Tulsa.

So, you're driving down this road through the woods in eastern, rural Oklahoma. Soon, you see this:

The Canebrake

And this.

The Canebrake

A little bit of this.

The Canebrake

And lots of this.

The Canebrake

Suddenly, there's this.

The Canebrake

The Canebrake

Then, some serious swank yawns before you.

The Canebrake

Hey. You've been on the road for awhile. I reckon you're hungry.

The Canebrake

Because the folks at The Canebrake can definitely take care of a case of the hungries.

The Canebrake

I should know. They invited me to lunch not too long back.

Wanna see what they fed me?

The Canebrake

To start was the Red, White and Blue Salad. While the lettuce and the berries were so fresh that I was searching the grounds outside the floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining room for the kitchen garden, I really loved the goat cheese on the salad. It had had this wonderfully mellow, creamy flavor, and I loved that it came from just a few miles away from the resort.

While sourcing ingredients locally is the best thing a kitchen can do for the flavor of its food, it's also better for the environment than having it trucked or shipped or flown in from another country (or, in too many cases, another hemisphere). The Canebrake uses local ingredients for both reasons. The resort is also touts a commitment to natural and organic foods wherever feasible.

Environmental responsibility is a huge point of pride for everyone at The Canebrake. When the owners of the land where the resort stands set out to build, they decided to refurbish and build out the horse barn already on the site rather than start from scratch. From there they used a variety of sustainable building materials and practices to build a resort that brings patrons from all over the U.S. to Oklahoma.

Back to the table. After the salad came a bowl of tomato soup. I got to sample some freshly baked bread, too.

The Canebrake

I may or may not have eaten an entire basket of bread on my own. I tell you this because I know I can trust you with this most sensitive information. 

The Canebrake

Then came the prosciutto-wrapped asparagus served on a bed of root vegetables.

Now, I'm super-picky about how my vegetables are cooked, especially at restaurants. I'm an al dente kind of person, which is kind of a tough lot here in Oklahoma, it seems. I have a hard time getting vegetables cooked any way except mushy, but I felt like the folks at The Canebrake knew my plight. Not only were the veggies perfectly and evenly cooked - yeah! Even the root veggies! - but they were flavorful, interesting and, obviously, gorgeous.

For dessert was grilled pineapple and avocado ice cream.

The Canebrake

Yes, avocado ice cream. And you know what? It tasted light, clean and like summer - in a word, delicious.

The dining room at The Canebrake is cool and quiet and serene. If anyone ever comes up with a way to combine a spa and a dining room, they'd do well to do some research at the Wagoner resort.

The Canebrake

These barstools, they're the best seats in the house. But that's only if you like to chat up the chef and watch him prepare your food.

It's the best appetizer there is.

The Canebrake

This seat looks pretty good, too - cozy, secluded and intimate.

I think a dinner and a glass of wine at this booth is in my future. My husband's, too.

After lunch I peeked in at the boutique, just down the hall from the restaurant at The Canebrake.

The Canebrake

The Canebrake

If you're thinking, "Okie Yoga? I'm sorry, what?" then I have something to tell you.

Did you know The Canebrake is home to Oklahoma's only yoga barn?

The Canebrake

Yep. It's true.

The Yoga Barn and Day Spa - constructed literally from an old horse barn, by the way, and insulated with a material not altogether different from that of which your blue jeans are made - is home to a regular selection of yoga classes, seven days a week. The building features radiant heat, cork flooring, and no-VOC paints. Cool, huh? 

At the Day Spa are a variety of massage services, facials and scrubs. 

The Canebrake

Why, hello there, massage chair.

And no, you can't live here (I should know - I asked). But, you can stay the night.

The Canebrake

The Canebrake offers 16 rooms and suites, totaling 32 beds that can accommodate up to 40 guests. Rooms range $139 for a weekday retreat room to $294 for a weekend king suite with a jetted tub, fireplace and dining and sitting areas.

Plus, as a guest, you're welcome to attend any of the scheduled yoga classes or hike the trails. Or, you can schedule private yoga classes, cooking demos and wine tastings. There's also a ropes course and an orienteering course. Golf, horseback riding, fishing, shopping and hunting options are nearby.

I'm sorry, where was I? Where am I from? What's my name? 

Between the Yoga Barn and the Day Spa and the jetted tub, I couldn't help but lose my train of thought there for a second.

The Canebrake

Well, would you looky there. I'm thinking about food again. Surprise, surprise.

That's what Sunday brunch at The Canebrake looks like. While the restaurant is open Wednesday-Saturday for dinner service, brunch runs every week on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It's a slow, special way to get the week off to a smooth - and yummy - start.

Speaking of food and The Canebrake, I have something exciting to tell you. Think you're ready for it? Are you sitting down? Are you prepared for the tantalizing news I'm about to share with you?

Yes? Okay. I'll tell you.

The Canebrake wants to treat one lucky TDT reader to a Sunday brunch for two. To enter to win, head to the comments section on this post and regale us with a tale of the most relaxing day of your life. Write it as long or as short as you like - just make sure to leave it in the comments section on this post before Thursday, March 25, at 4 p.m.

Win two extra entries by becoming a fan of TashaDoesTulsa.com on Facebook. If you're already a fan, post about this giveaway on your profile page. Just be sure to tag me in the post so I can see it and count your extra entries.

I can't wait to hear your tales of maxin' and relaxin'. Good luck!


Brian said...

That looks so good! wow!!!! I would love to try out there restaurant!

Thank you

Carrisa said...

I want to go to there.

My most relaxing day ever involved a sea salt pedicure and a hot oil massage. I had an aunt who specialized in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.

This place looks amazing.

Jade said...

My most relaxing day was spent at the beach in a beach house. A lazy morning spent sleeping in to the sounds of waves crashing onto the beach. Then a wake up to a leisurely brunch on a deck looking out over the ocean. Then a day just spent reading, soaking in the sun and collecting shells on the beach. I plan to repeat this relaxing day this summer when we go back in June.

Lesley said...

The most relaxing day of my life may have been at Westglow Spa in Blowing Rock, NC to celebrate my 10th anniversary.

Or San Antonio, TX where we ended our 14th anniversary celebration with dinner at Biga on the Banks.

Or it might have been in Pawhuska, a curious choice for a 15th anniversary getaway, but that's just the way we are...

But sometimes the most relaxing day is when kids and grownups just stay in PJ's all day on a Sunday, ignore the laundry and the bills, and snuggle in for a great day of Get Smart marathon and some rousing rounds of Bananagrams, not troubling to cook anything more complicated than popcorn.

Jade said...

I posted this on FB but can't figure out how to tag you.

MommaJ said...

I don't know the exact day but the most relaxing day I have ever had was in college when my husband (then boyfriend) and I spent the entire day doing nothing!

Cindy said...

My most relaxing day(s) are at a family cabin in the mountains of New Mexico, reading on the screened porch, glancing up to watch dozens of hummingbirds feed at multiple feeders and allowing the humming sound of their wings lull me to sleep.

April said...

This is an easy one! Every day of the four months that I lived on the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I used to get strep throat and bronchitis and pneumonia every freaking winter. I got sick of it, so I saved up my money several years ago and moved to the beach for the winter! Best idea ever!!!!!!
A typical day consisted of:
-Waking up, strolling to the beach, eating fresh mangoes with chili powder and maybe a smoothie.
-Read, swim and do beachy stuff until lunch.
-Eat something fresh and delicious for lunch maybe with a beer or a cocktail.
-Take a nap
-Stroll back to the beach for more beachy time until dinner.
-Eat something fresh and delicious for dinner, definitely have a beer or a cocktail.
-By this time it's kind of late and time to go home and get ready for a night out.
-Go dancing until the wee hours of the morning.
-Sleep and repeat times four months!

Like I said best idea ever!!! And I learned how to speak Spanish as an added bonus!

April said...

I shared on facebook. It says via Tasha Does Tulsa, but I don't think that's what you mean by tagging you in the post. I don't know how to do that. Sorry!

Brett said...

The most relaxing day I've ever had was my last day of law school. After my very last final, my wife took me to El Rio Verde for a torta mojada. I hadn't had one of those since I lived in Mexico 5 years ago.

After that she took me to a hot stone massage in Broken Arrow. I could feel all the stress and tension of three years of law school leave my body during that short 30 minutes.

That was followed by an overnight stay at a local bed and breakfast where we took a walk, played some catch, and ate some smores.

I have the best wife in the world.

jymbr1tta1n said...

on a hot beach with my fiancee, cold drinks and our dive gear drying.

Mark said...

Probably the day I spent cruising up the Bosphorous River when I visited Istanbul. It was my first major vacation and the day-trip consisted of visiting small villages on the way up to the Black Sea. It was so peaceful, and the villages were small and beautiful. I also had the best gellato I've ever tasted. Well, it was thicker than gellato but not ice-creamy thick. That kind of topped the day off for me...

Mercedes Millberry said...

My most relaxing day in recent memory was actually a trip to the Canebrake with friends (yes, I think sucking up helps my chances!). It was a lovely drive out there, fantastic food, followed by a visit to our friend's lavender farm in the area. If only the iPhone directions had not failed us on our way home, but there is nothing wrong with a little side trip to Tahlequah, right? I mean, it starts with a T as well.

globaltable said...

My most relaxing day:

where - laying barefoot on the grass or sand

what - staring up at the clouds or waves

weather - just warm enough to taste the salt on my lips

food - fresh fruit, cheese, and bread

beverage - pina colada (por favor), sparkling water, sangria

Pam said...

My most relaxing private day was spent at an OK bed and breakfast, in the hills. I got and went to the kitchen for coffee and muffins, which I took back to my room, drank coffee, read, drink some more coffee, then went for a walk in the woods, drove around town and then a drive through the woods, back to the b and b for a fantastic dinner, and back to the room for reading. No massage was offered, believe me, I would have had one

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Canebrake looks amazing -I want to go!

As far as my most relaxing day would probably have to be when the hubby and I spent time at a Bed and Breakfast (Arcadian Inn) for our 5th anniversary- Having a nice breakfast delivered to our room,then enjoying the jet bathtub,taking a tour around OKC and just enjoing the day together-Very Nice and relaxing!

Jason said...

My wife and I indulged ourselves in a long weekend in Dallas, Texas in February of 2008. We stayed 3 nights at the Hilton Anatole, and had two - yes TWO - visits to the in house spa. No kids, no schedule, and no plans. We ate like royalty, and relaxed like pro's. Whew, that's been 2 years?!? Gotta do that again. Or, visit The Canebrake...

suburban hippie mama said...

geez. i don't even know what relaxing means anymore...my life seems so busy. BUT my sisters & i are planning a weekend spa trip in may...no hubby's or children! not sure how to shop w/out a giant double stroller, but i'm sure i'll figure it out. can't wait! =)

btw, this place looks amazing! what a great overnight getaway for me and my bearded man.

GM said...

Definitely a snowy day at a cabin on Lake Keystone with my husband. Roaring fire. A pile of books and bottle of wine. Now, with a 17-month-old, there are no relaxing days! So worth it, but I'd love a brunch with him.

Meredith said...

My most relaxing day was on my honeymoon in Santa Fe - we went to a Japanese spa called Ten Thousand Waves and got every treatment they offered...and wore kimonos while doing it. exquisite!

Katie McKay said...

Vermont. At the peak of fall foliage. My husband and I got in a car and drove through the southern part of the state, stopping at a breathtaking mountain view, a Revolutionary War battlefield, several antique and used book stores, Middlebury College, an old haunted castle, and a real authentic diner. It was heaven.

The Napkin Dad said...

I just wanted to second your recommendation for The Canebrake. My wife and I went their for our anniversary weekend and it was fantastic. I highly recommend it to everyone!

MQuetta said...

My most relaxing day was spent at a friend's lake house- near Keystone. Being around water and nature are so relaxing! I curled up with a book, spent time on the patio, no tv, and just had a great time! Wow! I miss those days! :)

Erica said...

I've had a lot of relaxing days because I used to live right near the beach... The best time would be going in the fall when you needed a light jacket and you could sit on the rocks or grass by the beach and read and get a great breeze... MM. I miss Salem!

Brigid said...

I want to win! I think the most relaxing day of my life was a rainy one on a recent trip to Eureka Springs. We stayed in this little cottage on the hill a mile or so from the downtown area. It was silent all the time. I got to wake up to a grey drizzle, make tea, and sit on the slightly damp back porch reading and writing in my journal. There were deer in the front yard, and the back yard was a vast expanse of wilderness. It was so beautiful.

MandaBeth said...

The Canebrake is a-mazing! They are supporters of Tulsa's NPR station, so I figured they must be good people and had been wanting to check them out for some time. I took my husband there for a birthday weekend before I had to leave the country for 10 days. What a special place to spend together! We stayed in the King Suite, which was very nice... we are suckers for fancy bathrooms and this one was just that. The food is fantastic and the Sunday Brunch is the bomb. You must try their special Eggs Benedict. They even stock your room with healthy snacks like fruit and yogurt. Everyone was super friendly and made sure we had everything we could want. The grounds are lovely and the bonus is that we have our boat at Fort Gibson, and the marina is just a few miles from the Canebrake!

VMT said...

Awesome-sauce! I toured the Canebrake before they were really open (and by toured I mean, poked my head into the Yoga barn and restaurant), So I would love to go back for a taste of the famous food!

My most relaxing experience was...getting a massage and pedicures at a boutique salon in South Lake, TX with 3 of my friends- we were treated like royalty, with bathrobes and drinks. Plus we had a great time pretending to be fancy Dallas ladies.

Loni said...

Most relaxing day was recently, right after I had my second child. I did way too much way too soon and was reprimanded to bed rest for the day. My loving husband whisked my two and half year old off for the day and I sat in bed watching Bravo, drinking water, nursing my new baby boy, and eating dark chocolate. The best thing is I think I really learned to let it go and chill out, so now I take a reaallly long, hot bath every night!

lesley said...

Sounds fabulous! Thanks for the chance TDT!

My most relaxing day of my life was a day spent soaking in the sun in California. Just lying next to my husband on the sand, chatting, followed by an afternoon picnic on our beach towels, watching the waves crash.

Kristen said...

I have been wanting to visit the Canebrake since they opened - the food looks wonderful!

Recently... would have to be vaca with my husband in Seattle. Fabulous hotel, excellent food, strolling the markets - it was wonderful!

Leah said...

My most relaxing day was spent in Costa Rica. Walking through the rainforest watching monkeys and parrots in the trees then having a picnic on a rocky beach. It was a once in a lifetime trip, but thanks for helping me remember it today! I have heard great things about the Canebrake...maybe a girls' weekend is in my future. :)

Tamara said...

What an awesome opportunity - thank you TDT! My most relaxing day was during a girls day (in honor of a friend getting married) where we traveled to OKC where we had a spa day, followed by a nice dinner and several drinks in Bricktown, and ended up a nice hotel for the evening. Nothing better than quality time for yourself while spending quality time with friends!

Laura said...

Relaxing day? Must have been before I had kids! :) No really I think the most relaxing day I ever had was on our honeymoon in Hawaii, sleeping in, laying on the beach with drinks, no time line, whatever food whenever, not a care in the world!

ba_joker said...

I think our cruise was the most relaxing vacation ever. They did all the cooking and cleaning and provided nightly entertainment. I just kicked back in and around the pool, ate like a king, and enjoyed being away from work and phones for a week.

Laurel said...

Most peolple would not think that the day after giving birth would rank high on a list of most rlaxing days, but I had a great experience at Hillcrest when I birthed my 6th baby 19 years ago. Adrienne was due on Christmas Day but did not make make arrival until January 6th during a terrible ice/snow storm. Thankfully, she made her entrance just 45 minutes after the treacherous midnight ride to the hospital. Becasuse of the weather, my nurse stayed on and took great care of me and the baby. The combination of not having any visitors and having my very own neo-natal nurse was great. I was starving and the nurse scrounged up a fruit and cheese plate and took care of the baby right in my room so she never had to go off to the nursery. I slept great, had no visitors and realyy enjoyed my new little daughter.

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