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TDT Friday Advice Column: Romantic Stuff to Do in Tulsa

Me, Downtown

As someone who blogs about things to do in Tulsa, I field lots of questions about the city and all the stuff there is to do within its borders.

While I'm cool with answering these questions on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail, I'd like to start answering a couple of them per week with a weekend post here at TDT. I'm sure the folks who pose the questions aren't the only ones who would benefit from their answers.

Let's get this thing started.

Q: My anniversary is tomorrow night/I have a big first date coming up this weekend. Got any ideas on things we could do in Tulsa to celebrate/to get to know one another?

A: This is one of the most common, most-asked questions here at TDT. You Tulsans, you like to go on dates, whether it's to celebrate or to prove that you're someone worth spending lots of time and, potentially, a mortgage payment with in the near future.

The short answer is, of course, yes, there are scads of things you can to in Tulsa to rev up the romance.

Now, here's the long answer. Whether you're celebrating one or 51 years together, and especially if you're going out on your first date, there are tons of things to do here in the Tulsa area that are sure to please couples looking for fun and memorable goings-on.

Let me start by listing six romantic things to do in Tulsa, anytime.

1. Visit Philbrook Museum. There's a reason why every other bride in Tulsa wants to get married at Philbrook. It's simply bursting with romantic vibes. Be sure to check out the gardens and La Villa Restaurant.
2. Have a picnic lunch at Woodward Park. Pick up something swanky from Stonehorse Cafe in Utica Square or a couple of burgers from Weber's Root Beer on Brookside and camp out in one of Tulsa's oldest, most beautiful parks, at 21st Street and Peoria Avenue. See below for tips on where in Woodward Park to make out.
3. Stroll Utica Square. Have dinner at the Polo Grill and walk Utica Square hand in hand. Ladies, if you're lucky, you might be treated to a stop at fine jeweler Bruce G. Weber. Insider's tip: It's in your best interest to make your plan of acquisition before you arrive.
4. Take a hike through Oxley Nature Center. Go at dawn or go at dusk. Either way, it's an easy way to focus on each other and reconnect with nature at the same time.
5. Go to a movie at Admiral Twin Drive-In. With the theater celebrating its 60th anniversary this summer, who knows how many Tulsans have been conceived there. Am I right?
6. Dine in the cave at Casa Bonita. Just kidding. I think.

Also, be sure to check my weekly listing of weekend things going on in Tulsa. Here's this week's edition.

Couples generally like to visit a restaurant to share a nice meal in celebration of an anniversary. Some of Tulsa's most romantic restaurants include:

1. The Brasserie. A very classy French restaurant. The food is prepared with great attention to detail and atmosphere is superb. Look for the top-notch wine list.
2. Palace Cafe. Get private booth seating and low lighting and nibble on everything from gourmet lobster corndogs to daily catches and steaks. The food, as scores of natives know, is some of the best in the region.
3. Biga. The food is excellent, and the service is even better. The dining room is the perfect place for an intimate, cozy dinner inspired by Italy's many culinary dialects.
4. Garlic Rose. This restaurant isn't a Tulsa tradition by accident. Call ahead and ask for a spot by the fireplace.
5. QuikTrip. There's nothing like being a newlywed without a pot to you-know-what in and sharing a taquito by moonlight to celebrate that first anniversary. Not that I would know anything about this.

Get more romantic restaurant recommendations for the Tulsa area here.

If you'd like to close a magical evening with a kiss to match, take heed of these tips for finding make out spots in Tulsa:

1. Any place with a panoramic view of the city. Chandler Park, the Osage Hills area and the hills of South Tulsa all come to mind. Simply park and smooch. But keep your clothes on - it's the law.
2. The Center of the Universe. There's nothing quite like sharing a kiss in the historical center of the city, off of Second Street just north of the BOK tower. Near the fountain in Centennial Park at 6th and Boston works great, too.
3. Woodward Park. Head to the fountain in the Rose Garden. Or, take a short walk through the azalea gardens on the north side of the park. Lip locks are bound to ensue.
4. Riverparks. Talk a long, sunset walk along the edge of the Arkansas River. If it's summertime, grab a sno cone. Then, share flavors the old-fashioned way. Find Riverparks just west of Riverside Drive.
5. The Phantasmagoria at Bell's Amusement Park. Except that it doesn't exist anymore. Much to my heart's chagrin.

Got your own tips on how to get your romance on in Tulsa? Leave 'em in the comments.

And don't forget to send me your own questions about Tulsa and its quirks and crannies for next week's edition of TDT Friday Advice Column.


Mandy said...

one of my favorite places is caramel! my husband and i went there for valentine's day and got the dessert for two. absolutely amazing and very romantic for a couple of sweet tooths like us!

filmmaker2698 said...

did all this in about a im in the same boring boat as everyone else.

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