Monday, March 15, 2010

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Take Two

If you didn't make it to the first Tulsa Blogger Meetup (and especially if you did), be sure to come out to the Blue Dome Diner on March 25. It's there you'll find Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition.

Tulsa Blogger Meetup 2

As it was last month, this meetup is open to any and all bloggers and/or wannabe bloggers in the Tulsa area. "In the Tulsa area" means different things to different people - the state of Oregon is in the Tulsa area in the grand scheme of things, after all - so I'll let you all define what that means for yourselves. Translation: Come one, come all.

Tulsa Bloggers Meetup

TBM enjoyed a great turnout at our first meeting. More than 50 of you showed up at Joe Momma's downtown to rub elbows with your fellow bloggers, to eat great food and drink great beer and to win fabulous door prizes.

The next TBM will be even bigger and better. Brett McKay, writer of the best overall blog in the entire and great state of Oklahoma, The Art of Manliness, will chat with us for a bit.

Plus, you all have a say-so in the door prize pool this go-'round. How? Contribute to it yourself! Grab a little something for everyone (at least 60 of whatever you're bringing) or something special for one lucky winner and promote your blog to Tulsa's new media for next to nothing. Local businesses are welcome to do this, too.

Now for a few matters of business. If you're coming to TBM2, be sure to bring:
  • Business/calling cards (even slips of paper with your name and blog url will work)
  • Smart phone/laptop (the more you tweet/FB about the event, the better the next rodeo will be)
  • An empty stomach (the food at Blue Dome Diner is killer - you won't want to miss out)
I'll have name tags ready to go, too.  Sometimes it's hard to match the face to the blogger persona. I get it.

I NEED YOUR OPINION! The TBM "committee" is wrestling with how to handle the food situation. Several of you complained that last time the ordering and service of food made things confusing not only for you, but for the waitstaff, given how much everyone was moving around to chat and banter and generally enjoy themselves.

There's an easy way to solve this: A catered dinner. What goes along with that, though, is putting your money where your mouth is when you RSVP. The Blue Dome Diner has offered to put together for us a small menu of $10 plates available for pre-order for the event.

The downside of this option is that we'll still have a certain amount of table service happening for the folks who decide to pop in at the last minute (and there's definitely, definitely nothing wrong with deciding to pop in at the last minute). Plus, everyone who knows they're coming will have to pay for dinner online and in advance.

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU THINK THIS IS A DUMB IDEA, and do it soon. If we're going to do the catered dinner I'd like to have our order in to the folks at BDD by Sunday evening.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm already ready to party my blogger hiney off.

Poster design by Michael Champlin of Tulsa Project. Ain't it cool? 


Carrisa said...

I would gladly pay $10 for a catered dinner. I think it makes for a lot less hassle and confusion come time for dinner.

Chilihead said...

$10 is cheap and easy. I'd rather do that than mess with the table-to-table ordering. It's easier for us AND the wait staff.

Kate Huggins said...

Crap! I just realized this is the same night Molly is getting fixed.

Cindy said...

I'd be happy to pay $10 in advance to help minimize confusion.

TulsaGal said...

$10 sounds like a great deal for some Blue Dome grub. So glad you are doing this again; hopefully my grandson will wait until his due date April 5 to arrive and I can come.


Maria said...

I think it is a great idea. I am still trying to figure out if my husband will a) be here to watch our son and b) kill me if I get back from four nights out of town for work and then head to the blogger event. LOL!

Micah said...

seems like $10 is plenty fair, what with all that'll get to happen. Never been to an event like this, will be neat to see what I should bring.

Coffeymuse said...

Lord, I wish I could go! For those working evening/late afternoon shifts this doesn't work! Someone has to man one of the many circulation desks at TCCL! Perhaps next time-and yes, I would pay $10 for yummy food!

Brigid said...

I hope to come this time and think $10 is reasonable as long as there's a meat-free option on the catered menu for the likes of me.

Boot ~C said...

My jewelry class (from a previously mentioned, dreamy eyed, handsome young man) is on Thursdays, so I have to miss this one too. Darn the bad luck!

Mandy Vavrinak @mvavrinak said...

Where / how do we pay? The $10 is a good deal, I think :)

Jenny, Crash Test Mommy said...

I do NOT think the $10 catered meal idea is dumb.

Wait. Was I only supposed to comment if I DID think it was dumb? Sorry.

See you Thurs.

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