Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toilet Reading

Read to Feed Book Fair

Ever shopped for books in a bathtub?

Read to Feed Book Fair

Or on a toilet?

You know what? Don't answer that last one.

Read to Feed Book Fair

Even if you have shopped for books on a toilet (I'm sure the Amazon mobile site is helpful in those situations), now you can do it out in front of God and everybody, thanks to Broken Arrow Neighbors and their Read to Feed Book Fair.

Read to Feed Book Fair

The sale is held in a small converted house at 315 W. College.

Read to Feed Book Fair

I learned about the sale several weekends ago from my friend Brooke, who encouraged me to drop everything I was doing, invite a few friends and check it out.

Read to Feed Book Fair

Read to Feed Book Fair

Read to Feed Book Fair

We book nerd girls, we has the sexy.

Read to Feed Book Fair

The fair was pretty packed the Friday morning we tried it out. We found books ranging from mystery to kids' to feminist to self-help to cookbooks.

Sometimes a few of those genres were shelved in humorous juxtaposition.

Read to Feed Book Fair

A copy of A Purpose Driven Life and Defending Traditional Marriage sandwiched between two Betty Friedan books?


Check out the kids' books selection:

Read to Feed Book Fair

Read to Feed Book Fair

I love vintage cookbooks, but I think I love vintage children's books more.

I mean, I love vintage books for children. Not vintage children with books. That just sounds weird.

Right, buddy?

Read to Feed Book Fair

He agrees because I am the holder of the animal crackers. And I'm okay with that.

Look! '80s and '90s magazines.

Read to Feed Book Fair

When I was little until I was about 22 or so I pronounced the word magazines as "mazagines."

Watch. Now I'll say mazagines on the radio this week.

Read to Feed Book Fair

Oh, romance novels, how I wish I had time to read you.

I really think I could get into romance novels. At the very least I could expand my vocabulary of adverbs.

Here was my find of the day:

Read to Feed Book Fair

I picked it up because I saw the word hamburger, but then I remembered having read this book at some point. It's a teen saga, and I've always been a sucker for teen sagas (hello, Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High), so the odds are that I've read it once or twice.

For half a buck, it was mine.

Read to Feed Book Fair

And these aren't even the prices on half-price day.

Read to Feed Book Fair

The next Read to Feed Book Fair is April 2nd and 3rd (next Friday and Saturday), again at 315 W. College. Sale hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Half-price day is Saturday, April 10, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Broken Arrow Neighbors is a charitable organization headquartered just around the corner from the sale. It provides basic needs assistance to more than 4,000 financially disadvantaged people in the Broken Arrow and Coweta areas.

Thanks to Broken Arrow Neighbors, people in need get help with everything from rent to gas to legal aid to food assistance. Book sale proceeds go into the pot to fund these much-needed services.

Read to Feed Book Fair

As if I needed to give you fellow nerds out there another reason to stock up on old books.


Pam said...

I love them !! Missed the earlier sale this year, but will make it next weekend. Thanks for the reminder

RebekahC said...

Sweet! I may have to check this out. :)

suburban hippie mama said...

thank you!! marking my calender!

Trisha said...

Amazing find! It's on the calendar:)

Leah said...

I've been in BA for 7 years and never knew of this great sale! Thanks!

H-Dubb said...

That was so much fun! Did you see how much I loved those books? Can't wait for next weekend.

Crazy Lady said...

Added it to the calendar! Thanks for the heads up

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