Friday, March 26, 2010

A Recap: Tulsa Blogger Meetup

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

Last night's Tulsa Blogger Meetup was the best yet.

About 50 local bloggers showed up to shoot the stuff at Blue Dome Diner last night at Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition (search #tulsabm on Twitter to get the feed - yes, I wrote #tulsabm and, yes, all the required jokes have been made).

Lucky for us, Brett McKay, 1/2 of the team behind the award-winning The Art of Manliness (along with his witty and lovely wife, Katie McKay), talked to us about how to build a better blog.

As in, a blog that has more than 18,000 Facebook fans and nearly 40,000 subscribers and gets a couple million visits every month. And wins the title of the best blog in the entire state of Oklahoma in the 2010 Oklahoma Blog Awards (quite an accomplishment with the likes of the Pioneer Woman in the running).

You know, like The Art of Manliness blog.

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

Here's the gist of how you do it: Hard work. Dedication. Great writing. Original thought. Listening.

Translation: More than five weeks, a million followers on Twitter and a box set of e-books.

The folks at the Blue Dome Diner were gracious hosts.

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

How often does a person get a choice of three different types of sliders for supper?

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

Not often. At least, not for me. When you are a house with a two-year-old, you're too busy figuring out new ways to appropriate chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese into consumable meals to prepare three different varieties of sliders.

What is it the kids are saying these days? FML? Not that I know what that means. I'm just trying to be groovy, daddy-o.

So, the food was tasty. The door prizes - thanks to Ida Red, Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Tulsa Gal, Mandy Vavrinak, A Studio, Schanke Turnbo Frank | PR and Brewburger - were real crowd-pleasers.

The company, though, was the best part.

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

See that bag? Handmade. And entirely out of keyboard keys.

Someone buy this woman a beer.

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

Make that 10 beers over three nights.

Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Second Edition

Thanks to all who came out last night. Plans are already in the works for next month's meetup, so stay tuned.

If you took photos at the event last night and want to share, feel free to upload them to the Tulsa Blogger Meetup group on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

How did she even make that purse??!!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I have to make the next one. I had been out of town for a week and just wanted to hang with the family.

I'm not sure but the two ladies in black on the 8th photograph? I think I've seen their photos at the post office.

Erin Conrad said...

Ahh, so sad I missed it! Hopefully next time!

Single and Sane said...

I hated missing this but I hope to make the next one!

Baloney said...

Glad I checked. That Yogi is stalking me again.
Thanks Tasha for all of your planning! We had a lot of fun!

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Gosh I'm so behind the times here! I didn't even know all these Tulsa bloggers existed! LOL OK, I need to follow along better.

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