Monday, December 14, 2009

You Have Three Hours

Tasha Does Tulsa Run Training 2009

Sometimes I get a wild hair and decide it'd be a good idea to post a random question on Twitter and Facebook for everyone to ponder, poke fun at, print and flush down the toilet or maybe, if I'm lucky, consider answering.

Back in October I asked, "Fill in the blank: Tulsa is home to ________." An innocent enough question, I thought. I bet I'd get five responses, give or take a response. Or five.

I certainly didn't think that question would open the floodgates of public opinion. Within an hour or so I had 30 responses on Facebook and 23 more on Twitter. Those are solid numbers 'round here, especially considering I wasn't giving away any fabulous prizes.

James E. McNellie's Public House

I loved the range of attitudes about life in Tulsa reflected in what people had to say about this city as a home, whether to family or great food or the worst roads to ever criss-cross the American prairie.

So, last week, I decided to pose this fill-in-the-blank prompt: "If I had three hours to spend in Tulsa doing anything I wanted, I would _______."

This one got some really interesting responses:
  • Go to the Man Spa (the modern day cave) and get the hot towel treatment - old time shave, pedicure, (man)icure...
  • Plunder and pillage the city.
  • I know what Tiger would do... Sorry. I can't stop! The jokes are too easy!!
  • Take my top secret route to the top of the Williams Tower and just sit and view.
  • Get on a plane to someplace WARM!!!
  • Be riding a rollercoaster at a new theme park whether Bells or another.
  • Make it snow at least 8" like it did last March and go out and play in it!
  • Rappel off of the roof of the Mayo Hotel, legally.
I love having a pirate (pillage and plunder!), a rollercoaster fan, a snow angel and a legal rappeller amongst my social networking buddies.

Several responses to the prompt in some way involved Philbrook Museum - more, in fact, than any other one location in Tulsa.

Philbrook Museum Gardens

Out of about 45 responses to the prompt, 11 had something to do with food and Tulsa restaurants. One even involved food AND Philbrook Museum.

Fuji Sushi

Someone said something about Fuji Sushi. Darn it, now I want a Tulsa Roll and it's 9pm on a Monday night. Actually, I guess that leaves me plenty of time to get to Fuji and obtain what's calling to me, doesn't it?

See? Not everything in Tulsa closes at sundown.

Three responses centered on time at the spa.

Spa Lux

Mmm - Spa Lux. Have you all tried this place yet? They had me out last summer for a pedicure and a pizza from Oliveto Italian Bistro, the Mazzio's Corp.-owned restaurant next door. I had a delightful time.

Spa Lux

I can definitely get on board with time at the spa. Who'd turn it down?

Two responses involved napping.


Ah, napping. We love it at our house, too. Whether or not I'd be doing it when I had only three hours in my hometown, I don't know - the nap would have to take place somewhere pretty darned special.

Get the full list of responses on Twitter and Facebook.

Now it's your turn. How would you fill in the blank?

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Stillapill said...

Take in a movie I've been waiting to see, spend some time in one of Tulsa's fabulous bookstores or libraries, self-reflect or gab with friends at Dragonmoon Tea Room (thanks for that tip!), or catch a nap!

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