Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Very Own Winter Wonderland (Plus, a Giveaway)

There's something very unlikely going on downtown these days.

Actually, it's more than just one unlikely thing. There's ice skating, for one - yes, ice skating. In the middle of downtown Tulsa. It's ice skating not known in these parts since the ice rink was torn out of the Williams tower.

For two, there's a beautiful, giant Christmas tree. In fact, it's the largest in the state of Oklahoma.


Then there's the hot chocolate, the hot food, the live entertainment, a Segway Santa and the horse-drawn carriage rides.

There's even a Zamboni.

Better than skating indoors to My Endless Love (well, maybe), patrons of Winterfest have the opportunity to skate beneath one of the most beautiful skylines in the country and next door to Tulsa's very own world-class arena. Skaters can bring their own skates, sure, but there's plenty of skates available for rent at the rink, which was expanded to 60' by 150' this year.

Kids are welcome at Winterfest, of course.

Especially cute ones in adorable, pink winter weather gear.

And precious, leggy little boys and their protective older sisters.

I want more babies. Someone hold me back.

Winterfest seems to have been a huge draw for couples. After all, ice skating has always made for a great date night.

Oh, the passion. The love. The fire. The - wait. What was I talking about?

Oh, yes. Winterfest. That's right.

Ooo - bokeh. Pretty.

Winterfest is a great place to get one's fill of Christmas lights, too. The trees lining the sidewalk outside the BOK Center are it in blue, and the mammoth Christmas tree is, of course, bedecked to the nines.

Think you might want to give this Winterfest thing a try while all your friends and relatives are in town visiting? Well, you can - you could even go after Christmas dinner, if you wanted.

The ice rink will be open from 5-10pm, and skates are $8 per person. If you have your own skates, it's just $5. Kids under the age of three get in for $5, too.

Or, if you're lucky, you could go for free.

I have here in my grubby little hands (hey, cut me some slack - I've been baking) four passes for ice skating at Arvest Winterfest, good through Jan. 4. I also have four vouchers for hot chocolate. Plus, I have a certificate for a complimentary horse-drawn carriage ride for four, valid any Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening until the close of Winterfest the first week of January.

If you wanna win this handsome little prize package, here's what you have to do:

Head to the comments and describe your fanciest ice skating move. I'm not talking about what you can do in real life. I want to know about your fantasy skating skills, the ones you pull out on the skating rink in your mind when the mean girls from high school come to watch. Whether it's a triple lutz with a half-twist in reverse or a break dance on ice, I want to know about it. Lay it on me.

I'm going to give the gods a rest this time and choose what I find to be the most creative answer.

BONUS: Anyone who takes photos or video of themselves attempting to perform their fantasy ice skating moves gets preferential consideration. Simply leave a link to your mad ice skating media in the comments as your entry and you will soon enjoy fame and...well, fame. Fame will have to be good enough.

One entry per person, please. Enter before Dec. 24 at midnight to be eligible win. I'll announce the winner here on this blog at some point on Christmas Day.

Good luck, everyone. And think jazzy.


kfuller924 said...

Tasha what a great story about the skating at Winterfest. We went the day it opened and had a wonderful time. Here is the link to my cute little niece and her friend at the rink. They have been bugging me every day to go back. Guess we'll have to do it this weekend "WINK, WINK" Here is video of their first spins around the ice.

Boot ~C said...

I started ice skating as a child in Canada, but I never progressed much beyond the 'forward around the rink move'. I remember coming home for lunch & sneaking in a few times around the ice! In my fantasy skate moves I can spin, skate backwards & triple lutz w/ the best of them though!

Anonymous said...

so my special move consists of gliding along the skating rink w/ my hand on the railing hoping i won't end up w/ a spectacular move consisting of falling on my butt! it's been at least 10 years since ive ice skated and would like to improve my skills!


Denise~ said...

I can't skate worth diddly but have enjoyed the photos!

Stacey said...

I so want to win these for my kiddos but I have not one picture from last year at Winterfest! Our son is one mean skater on and off the ice.

jenthegreat said...

Did anyone win?

I'm looking forward to trying out my signature move, a triple Emu leading into a flapping Canadian Goose. Hopefully it will finish with something relatively Primate and upright, rather than the usual finale, the lovely "Falling Fantasia Hippo." :D

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