Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TDT Holiday Gift Guide: Gardner's Used Books

Gardner's Used Books

I hope you're not tired of hearing me talk about Gardner's Used Books, because I'm certainly not finished talking about it.

My favorite used bookstore just started its 12 Days of Christmas Sale. Yesterday craft, holiday and cook books were buy one, get one free. Today, all horror and true crime are buy one, get one free. Later in the week all hardback books, no matter the genre, will be buy one, get one free. This madness will persist until Christmas - actually, well beyond Christmas.

When Gardner's announced the cookbook sale, you can bet they knew they'd see me lurking in the north wing of the store, poring over the scads of books on microwave cookery that were published in the 1970s and the shelves of back copies of Southern Living Magazine yearly cookbooks.



Those are fun to laugh about, of course - they make especially good gag/white elephant gifts. But, I found a stack of books worthy enough to adopt, to allow to take up residence on the bookshelves alongside volumes that make us feel not so afraid of the judgment of our family and friends that we hide them in the junk room.

Gardner's Used Books

Gardner's Used Books

Gardner's Used Books

Kitsch-o-Rama, baby. Kitsch-o-Rama.

Gardner's Used Books

"Presenting more than 225 superlative recipes planned specifically for the basic meal occasions today's busy housewife faces."

Can you imagine this kind of copy on the cover of a book published in 2009?

Gardner's Used Books

Gardner's Used Books

Where were you in 1961?

Gardner's Used Books

Ah, the days when the suburban housewife enjoyed a positive image in the mind of the American public. How things have changed.

Thanks, Desperate Housewives. And Real Housewives of Atlanta, Orange County, New Jersey, etc. And Jenks, Broken Arrow and Bixby Barbies.

Gardner's Used Books

That's what I'm talkin' about, married ladies. Salaried or otherwise, we are all working wives. Capiche? Can we stop fighting about who has the harder job now? Please?

Can't we all just get along? You know, like we did in 1961?


Gardner's Used Books

Gardner's Used Books

Oh, James. Oh, Sam. Your thoughts on food remain relevant to this day.

Gardner's Used Books

I was confused by the title, but hey, I'm an easy-going gal - meaning, I saw the words "young cooks" and tossed this little pamphlet into the to-buy pile.

You see, I secretly hope my son becomes a chef and opens a restaurant and asks me to be his pie baker. As in, my grandest aspiration in life is to do nothing all day but make pies. And maybe the occasional cookie.

Now you know where all of this blogging is leading.

Gardner's Used Books

Aren't these illustrations the cutest?

"Let's face it, birthday parties are flattering - and fun!"

It's nice to have a dose of the cold, hard facts every once in awhile, isn't it?

Gardner's Used Books

Gardner's Used Books

If the world could look like this, I would be truly happy.

Gardner's Used Books

Now, I know it's not customary to give used items as Christmas gifts. We all feel the pressure to buy new. Here's what I think, though: Old books might just be the exception to this rule.

A half-used bottle of lotion, no. A half-empty bottle of scotch, no, no. A three-year-old scarf-and-sweater set, no, no, no.

A bundle of period books on the subject of the giftee's interest, tied together with a vintage-looking ribbon and maybe a sprig of evergreen or a cool bookmark? I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm pretty sure that's a yes.

Plus, it's inexpensive. I paid $16 for eight books at Gardner's on the buy one, get one special. Plus, it's environmentally friendly. Plus, it's good for the local economy.

Plus, it's fun. And, every once in awhile, you'll come across a jewel like this:

Gardner's Used Books

Gardner's Used Books

Gardner's Used Books

Where were you 90 years ago, in 1919?

Gardner's Used Books

Cool, huh?

Here's the rundown of what remains of the Twelve Days of Christmas Sale:

Tues. 15th: BOGO horror and true crime books
Wed. 16th: BOGO all trading cards and Hot Wheels/Matchbox toys
Thurs. 17th: BOGO all hardback books
Fri. 18th: BOGO all hardback books
Sat. 19th: BOGO all back issue comics
Sun. 20th: BOGO all general fiction, literature and classic books
Mon. 21st: BOGO mass market paperbacks
Tues. 22nd: BOGO mystery books
Wed. 23rd: BOGO all sci-fi and fantasy books
Thurs. 24th: BOGO romance books
Fri. 25th: CLOSED
Sat. 26th: 50 percent off all dolls
Sun. 27th: 30 percent off all jewelry
Mon. 28th: BOGO religion books
Tues. 29th: 40 percent off all toys
Wed. 30th: 40 percent off all stuffed animals
Thurs. 31st: BOGO religion books

Plus, if you try breakfast at the new Gatsby's Grill (on the north side of the store) and bring your receipt to the bookstore at check-out, you get 30 percent off all books.

A word of advice: Bring a reusable shopping bag when shopping at Gardner's. If you've been before, you know why. If you're new to Gardner's, you'll find out.

Gardner's Used Books & Music
4421 S. Mingo Road
(918) 627-7323
Monday-Friday, 7am-8pm; Saturday, 8am-8pm; Sunday, noon-6pm
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Krysalis said...

Those cookbooks are fantastic! One of my favorite gems to pick up are old self-help books with titles like "How Come a Nice Girl Like You Isn't Married Yet?"

Anonymous said...

Jealous! GREAT finds! -Leah

Tasha said...

Aren't those old self-help books the BEST? I love 'em, too - always good for a laugh and for some perspective. I love all the old advice videos, too - Courtney at the blog Homemaker Hero posts them all the time. Find her here: http://www.homemakerhero.com/

Mom Mayhem says: said...

You got some great deals! I literally pass by there almost everyday and I actually did stop in the other day -But, mostly because my sis was looking for a particular book. It would be nice to stop when I can really dig around-maybe without a certain 3yr. old running around asking if we can buy the huge statue- Now I can't even remember -Was it the Hulk or Jolly Green Giant? Anyways definetly seems like a pretty cool place :)

Becky said...

Please share your favorite recipes from those awesome books!

hwall said...

Tip: Children's books are ALWAYS buy one, get one at Gardner's. Man, I love that place.

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