Saturday, December 5, 2009

TDT Holiday Gift Guide: Best Tulsa Memberships


Once when I was gushing about my family's Tulsa Zoo membership to a fellow stay-at-home mom, she said something eye-opening:

"The only reason we get to go to the zoo and the museums as often as we do is because our family gives us memberships every year for Christmas."

What a brilliant idea for a gift. What present can top the gift of education? And history with a sense of place? And the chance for a family to have a time and place to get together and spend some quality time, make some lifetime memories?

Here, Kitty Kitty

For the price of 10 or fewer Zhu Zhu Pets (that is, the $8 version of the little buggers) and, in some cases, much, much less, a family of four can be gifted a year's worth of fun at museums like Tulsa Air and Space MuseumGilcrease Museum, the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum, Oxley Nature Center, The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish ArtOklahoma Aquarium and Philbrook Museum.

Philbrook Museum Gardens

Got some folks on your shopping list who'd on any day rather see a movie than go to a museum? Check this out:

Circle Cinema Movie Money gift cards are available in any denomination. Pick one up at 12 S. Lewis Ave. or call (918) 592-FILM to snag one over the phone. Voila, problem solved, shopping list crossed off.

Like the Jelly of the Month Club, these memberships and gift cards are the gifts that keep on giving. Only, exploring collections of art that formed the framework of this city, gazing at pieces that have helped to define modern art just minutes from home and exploring a rainforest in one's own backyard are way better than twelve jars of sugary mush that couldn't beat Smucker's in a taste test if they tried.

Tropical American Rainforest

Way better indeed.

Tulsa Air and Space Museum
3624 N. 74th E. Ave.
(918) 834-9900

Gilcrease Museum
1400 Gilcrease Museum Road
(918) 596-2700

Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum
6421 E. 36th Street North
(918) 669-6600

Oxley Nature Center
6700 Mohawk Boulevard
(918) 669-6644

The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art
2021 E. 71st Street
(918) 492-1818

Oklahoma Aquarium
300 Aquarium Drive in Jenks
(918) 296-FISH

Philbrook Museum
2727 S. Rockford Road
(918) 749-7941

Circle Cinema
12 S. Lewis Ave.
(918) 592-FILM
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jenX said...

your header totally cracks me up. do you know bob mills?? oh, the christmas sweaters that guy breaks out.

Tasha said...

Bob Mills, Bob Mills...why does that name sound familiar? I can't decide if it's because I know of him or if it's one letter away from Bob Wills. Hm.

Ah, the Christmas sweater. Maybe Bob needs to write a tutorial on how/where to find the tackiest in gay apparel...?

Mom Mayhem says: said...

I agree memberships are a great gift idea! I'm glad we got our zoo membership-it's a great deal-especially since we got it on sale too :)

Holly said...

That IS a cool idea! Much better than a basket full of bath products that are waaaaay too perfumey. Have you ever noticed how abundant those things are during gift-giving holidays? I'll take a trip to the zoo over stinky soap any day.

Tasha said...

Holly, I definitely know what you mean by an over-abundance of stinky, mass-produced bath and body products at holiday time. It'd be one thing if the stuff was lovingly handmade, or good for the body or the environment, or even if it smelled like something that'd actually occur in nature. Yet, the stuff proliferates. You'll get it this Christmas and so will I. And we'll think of this post and this comments section and laugh - what else is there to do? =)

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