Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TDT Holiday Gift Guide: Tulsa Snow Globe

Boston Avenue, Looking South

Often, when I worked downtown and especially on snowy days, I felt like I was living in a snow globe.

I parked a few blocks from my office, which meant a short wait at one or more of the stoplights along Boston Avenue, right in the heart of downtown Tulsa, was the norm.

It's easy to look around from Fourth or Fifth Streets and feel like one has been plunked into a bygone era, or at least onto the set of a high-budget movie, complete with the larger-than-life backdrop that is Tulsa's art deco architecture. If there's snow on the ground, the feeling can be almost overwhelming. You want to window shop, don a fancy hat, wear a fur-lined, tailored coat and every scarf you've ever owned.

There's a gift for any person who has felt this way while walking the streets of downtown.

Tulsa Snow Globe

For someone who loves snow globes (including me, the girl who once had more snow globes than Barbies or Cabbage Patch Kids dolls), this one runs a close second to the real thing, the comfortably cosmopolitan streets of our central business district.

Tulsa Snow Globe

I didn't come up with that whole "comfortably cosmopolitan" line, by the way. The Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce did, and that's where these snow globes are available. They're $45 each and can be shipped for $10 more, though, for obvious reasons, shipping isn't recommended. It's best to pop in at the Visitor Information Office at Williams Tower II building, Two West Second Street, and snag one. Or, call (918) 585-1201 to order.

Tulsa Snow Globe
Visitor Information Office @ Tulsa Metro Chamber
Two West Second Street
(918) 585-1201
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Anonymous said...

What is the building behind the BOK/Willams Tower and the Mid-Continent Building?

Holly said...

I LOVE this!

Brigid said...

I want one!

Tulsa Metro Chamber said...

The Convention and Visitors Bureau also has Tulsa ornaments available for $18 each. They can be purchased at the Visitor Information Office as well or by calling 918.585.1201. A photo and more information can be found here http://ww3.tulsachamber.com/news.asp?id=327&newsid=455

Tasha said...

Anonymous, I believe it's One Tech Center, a.k.a., the new City Hall, a.k.a., The Cube. All names accepted!

Hi, Tulsa Metro Chamber. Thanks for the info on the ornaments. Have a look at those, everyone - they're snazzy.

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