Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TDT Holiday Gift Guide: The Cigar Box

The Cigar Box

Ah - there's nothing quite like a cigar on a crisp winter evening.

The Cigar Box

Good thing there's now two locations of my favorite Tulsa-area cigar shop and bar, The Cigar Box, for all your smoking and scotch-drinking needs.

The original location at RiverWalk Crossing in Jenks grew to the point that earlier this year, the two local families that own the store branched out to Stonewood in Broken Arrow - you know, the shopping complex where Bass Pro is located.

The Cigar Box

While smoking a cigar by oneself on the back porch with a glass of something stiff is about the most peaceful thing one could do in this life, stogies are best enjoyed with others.

If you don't know anyone who smokes cigars, where's what you do: Buy 'em a gift set. Invite 'em outside and offer a light. Before long, you'll have your very own a cigar smoking buddy for those special occasions - a holiday party, New Years Eve or in the event of good news.

Not sure for what gift set to spring? Here are a few ideas:

The Cigar Box


Say it out loud. MACANUDO! Feels nice, doesn't it? This cigars are nice, too - mild and smooth, great for the occasional smoker.

The Cigar Box

The Cigar Box

MONTECRISTO! I just love how the cigar world is full of fun names.

See how mature blogging has made me?

For you higher-rollers are these little numbers from Padron.

The Cigar Box

Lovely. PADRON!

The Cigar Box

By the way, anyone who buys $25 worth of goodies at either location of The Cigar Box right now gets something cool for free.

The Cigar Box

What this means exactly is, at you check out you're handed a sealed envelope, the announcement of your prize concealed inside. If you can manage not to open that envelope and remember to bring it back before Jan. 5, you get the prize hidden in your envelope.

Still, the possible free stuff is all good, ranging from a Cigar Box t-shirt to a large CAO Lx2 Humidor.

A free party at The Cigar Box wouldn't be so bar, either. Behold the swank:

The Cigar Box

There's no harm in giving the ultimate gift of manliness (or, in the case of us girls who enjoy a cigar from time to time, smokin' hot ladyness) this Christmas. That is, as long as the person for whom the cigars are intended doesn't take to them like Ulysses S. Grant or Sigmund Freud. "For special occasions" doesn't exactly mean 12-20 of these babies per day.

That is, after all, what Christmas cookies are for - consumption in mass quantities.

The Cigar Box
RiverWalk Crossing in Jenks
(918) 299-7110
The Village at Stonewood Hills in Broken Arrow
(918) 355-0008
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Gigi said...

I love a good cigar, ever so occasionally. A compatible glass of wine or a Crown and coke on the patio, NICE!

petersteel said...

that' interesting.. that was really nice to read as well as nice image... i love cigar.. i want all of these.. that really great... i had my huge Humidor colllection..

Blogger said...

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