Monday, December 28, 2009

Winterfest Winner

I'm in a good mood today. Know why? The snow is melting. I can hear it dripping from my roof and into giant puddles forming around my house. I can also hear my walls creaking and my doors shifting and my driveway cracking, but I'm still in a good mood.

Reason is, I have four passes to Arvest Winterfest to give away today. These passes include four free skate rental vouchers, four free hot cocoa vouchers and a certificate for a complimentary horse-drawn carriage ride for four. And they're good until Jan. 4.

Four, four, four. Four.

The bird is not the word.

I asked you, my insanely attractive readers who have to fight off your admirers with a club and good, old-fashioned face slaps, to give me your best fantasy ice skating move. Here's the one I liked best.

Ashley, I get you. Any time I go ice skating or rollerskating, I cling to the sides for dear life. If I let go, I'm bound to be sporting a purple butt the next day. For me, it's hard to imagine being able to venture more than an arm's length beyond the railing, let alone conjure a mental image of my hair flying in the wind as I land a super double secret back flip triple leg spin with a half-twist.

Ashley, congrats. E-mail me ASAP - within 24 hours, to be exact - to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone for entering. Happy Monday after Christmas, and long live ice rink hand railing. And unbruised butt cheeks.

Photo by Michael Cooper

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