Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thankful for In-Laws

The good thing about marrying a vet who once loaned his house to his brother and sister-in-law while he was on an all-expense-paid, year-long excursion to the exotic lands of Afghanistan is that, when said brother- and sister-in-law move away while he's still overseas, it's easier for them to leave some pretty cool stuff behind.

I'm talking about things like cabinets full of canned peas (I love canned peas - LURVE). And things like a vintage couch covered in that fabric with hunting dogs and ducks on it - you all know what I'm talking about. And things like a hydraulic car jack and giant buckets useful for storage of dog food and other bits and sundries.

Also, they leave plastic sleds. Score!

Thanks to the first white Christmas we've had in Oklahoma in a looong time, we got some use out of that plastic sled this week. Check it out:

What do you like to do when a foot of fresh, white snow is dumped at your place? Something tells me your responses aren't likely to involve in-laws.


dymian said...

Trying to tear my 9 year old twin daughters away from the new Wii video game to tell them there is fresh snow. The tennis and bowling game has, however, loosened up my back for pulling them around on the sled. They may be pulling (carrying) me tomorrow.

Tasha said...

I was -very- sore after my first bout with a friend's Wii. If you were walking the next day, let alone pulling anything, you were doing very, very well.

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