Monday, December 28, 2009

Things to Do on Snowy Days in Oklahoma

White Christmas 2009

I love asking questions on Facebook and Twitter. It's a good way to spend a sunny day, but it's a downright great way to spend a snowy day.

Speaking of snowy days, that's what my question was about. I posed, "Fill in the blank: On snowy days in Oklahoma, I ___________."

As could be expected, this question pulled in a variety of answers:

-Regret not having 4-wheel drive.
-Stay inside and make snow ice cream.
-Get out and sled.
-Cook and clean, and watch one of my dogs go sproinging through the drifts when she goes out to pee.

White Christmas 2009

Sproinging! When someone says, "leaping through the snow," I get something of a mental image. "Bounding through the snow," even better. "Sproinging through the snow," however, is a major motion picture in 3D and thrown 80 feet tall on an IMAX screen. I love it.

Here are some of my favorite answers to the prompt:

-Wouldn't know because all we ever get is ice. This is new territory. I'm at a total loss.
-Get dragged in to work.

Speaking of getting dragged in to work on a holiday, how about our members of the media over the holiday? (Especially the folks at KRMG - I'm always impressed with their storm coverage, and not just because they let me hang out with them on Friday mornings.) Reporting on the ice storm of '07 is one thing, but having to miss out spending time with family and friends on Christmas Eve and, in a lot of cases, large chunks of Christmas Day, to serve listeners, viewers and readers who depend on you is huge. Thanks to everyone who worked through the holiday to inform, connect and protect us.)

-Stay inside and comment on Tasha's status updates.
-Fart a lot to generate heat.

Just remember to leave a window cracked. Wouldn't want to get carbon monoxide poisoning.

And, a reader took her cat to the park. Just like posing random questions on Facebook and Twitter, this would be one thing on a sunny day. It's quite another, exponentially more extraordinary thing to do on a snowy day. I really, really can't wait until there's a video posted on this. I can't wrap my little head around walking a cat to the park. I just can't. The cat's name is Mischief, by the way. How great is that?

Here's a question one reader sent in about the prompt:

-How many people filled in the blank with go to the mall?

Not a single one, actually, out of about 35 responses. Which tells me that maybe, just maybe, folks out there are reading this blog and are getting out there and doing Tulsa, even if that just means avoiding the yellow snow when harvesting for ice cream in their front yards. Or, it means that everyone is too afraid to utter the M-word within 30 feet of earshot of me for fear of being bombarded with more diatribes about why shopping anything but local is the devil.

Or, maybe it's both. Either way, I'm smiling.

White Christmas 2009

Oklahomans: What do you like to do on a snowy day?


Kate McKay said...

I would love to see a post on the best sledding spots in Tulsa. We went sledding on Christmas Day at a hill at ORU, but heard that after we left security shooed everyone away. Where should people go for some sweet sledding action?

Anonymous said...

Harweldon is a great place in Tulsa to go sledding, although it can be a death trap ;)

Lara said...

Yes I would love to know where to take my kids sledding, we have not lived here very long.

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