Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Study in Burgers

So, there's this new cafe I found. It's called Gatsby's Grill, and it's on the north end of Gardner's Used Books & Music on Mingo between 41st and 51st Streets.

Not only does this place have killer fish and chips, macaroni salad, French fries, twice-baked potatoes, and pecan pies (okay, I might go a little overboard when I try a place for the first time), I found out tonight Gatsby's turns out a pretty darned good burger, too.

Burger from Gatsby's Grill

The beef was fresh, and the patty was cooked to medium without my even having to ask. Plus, this burger has nice buns. Meaning, one could flick the crust and get a nice, hollow sound. The crumb was substantial and chewy, which I liked.

I love a bun that can stand up for itself when it counts. For $4.50, this burger made my pocketbook just as happy as were my taste buds.

See that photo of the burger up there? I know we're all taught not to play with our food, but let's do it anyway.

Burger from Gatsby's Grill

Mmm. Radioactive burger.

What's a photo of a yummy burger if one can't alter it and change it and use it to go a little crazy?

Burger from Gatsby's Grill

Snow! It's snowing!

There's nothing quite like a burger during the deafening silence of a snowstorm.

We had to miss the PSO Parade of Lights tonight thanks to a certain someone's recurring ear infection. That's okay, though.

Burger from Gatsby's Grill

We have plenty of Christmas lights right here.

"I have an order for one burger with cheddar cheese. Sir, would you like nuts with that?"

Burger from Gatsby's Grill

That a Flickr/Picnik user can add clusters of nuts to any photo they wish is...well, actually, I don't know what to think about that.

Burger from Gatsby's Grill

Holy burger! (Doesn't that sound like something Robin would say? "Holy burger, Batman!")

Burger from Gatsby's Grill

Psychedelic burger!

Burger from Gatsby's Grill

Pixelated burger!

Ah. Variety - and beef - is the spice of life.
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Joe's Burger Search said...

That burger and fries look great. Kind of looks like a pretzel bun.

Tasha said...

I think it might be ciabatta, actually, Joe, though I'm not sure. Though a burger on a pretzel bun sounds delish...! Wish I knew more about bread.

Erica S said...

Tasha, thanks for making me LOL. :) Your humor is always welcome on a slow Sunday!!!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Mmmm-Burgers! -Sounds like a pretty good place. I've pass by there all the time-but, never tried it -seems like I shall sometime. I also like all the pics -Like Holy Burger,Psychedelic burger,Snow, and Christmas Lights- Ha! =D

blakeewing said...

I went by last night. Not open. Hung out in the bookstore for a while peering creepily around the book shelves at people and then quickly looking the other direction whenever they look over at me...

Jill of All Trades said...

Love, love, LOVE burgers...(love your new header too)

Jeff Shaw said...

I am ALL OVER that place. (as soon as i get unstuck from my computer at work - which may be never. ever.) I'm gonna get one of those freaky Psychedelic burgers. Does that come with mushrooms?

I'm going to try the fish and chips too.

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