Monday, December 21, 2009

Last-Minute Local Gift Ideas

TDT on 2HD Midday

I was on the Midday Show with Channel 2 and this morning talking about last-minute gifts that, rather than fling your hard-earned dollars into the economic ether or into the pockets of some corporate hot shot 1,000 miles away, are friendly to the local economy.

In case you missed the segment, here's what we covered.

For the Kiddos:

For Moms:

Tulsa Snow Globe

For Dads:

Remember, folks: For every $100 spent in locally owned, indie stores, $68 returns to the community via taxes, payroll and other expenditures. If that same $100 is spend with a national chain, just $43 returns. If the money is spent online, we'll never see any of it again (per the Civic Economics 2008 study, via The 3/50 Project).

Please keep this in mind as you make your final selections for Christmas this year. Tulsa will thank you by being an even better place to shop for gifts next holiday season.

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