Sunday, December 6, 2009

TDT Holiday Gift Guide: The Tulsa T-Shirt

Tulsa Shirts

I know I won't get any points for originality here, but I think any and all Tulsa t-shirts - you know, the ones that have been in every local gift guide since 2006 - have more than earned some real estate in this year's TDT Holiday Gift Guide, too.

Tulsa Shirts

What this suggestion lacks in novelty it packs in practicality and all that has become classic. What I mean is, the Tulsa t-shirt is my go-to gift these days, Christmastime or not. Any time I find myself racking my brain to come up with the perfect gift, I head to Dwelling Spaces downtown or Ida Red on Brookside and bag an I Heart Tulsa t-shirt, something from the Okie Grown line or a shirt emblazoned with the Cain's Ballroom logo.

Tulsa Shirts

At $20, it's hard to go wrong with these babies.

Tulsa Shirts

These t-shirts make great gifts even for out-of-town relatives and friends. I've worn mine in several distant not-Tulsa cities, and each time the shirts served as conversation starters. One of those, "Tulsa, huh?" responses was better than nothing - at least that person read and spoke the word "Tulsa" that day - but I really loved when someone said something like, "Tell me about Tulsa." That's when I would proceed to proselytize for T-Town converts, rattling off the names of our attractions and cost-of-living ratios and all the reasons I love this city in an effort to get the person to sell all he owns and  get on a plane that lands at TIA.

Tulsa Shirts

I'm so glad I have this blog now. These inappropriately enthusiastic outbursts of Tulsa love abroad happen much less frequently now. It's better for the city (and its reputation for not being the home of crazy-eyed, red-headed civic cheerleaders) this way.

Tulsa Shirts

Ah, the hip and edgy Tulsa t-shirt. Before you know it, the giftee will be asking you how to collect them all.

Tulsa T-Shirts: Louis and Cluck, Okie Grown, Cain's Ballroom

Dwelling Spaces
119 S. Detroit
(918) 582-1033
Monday-Saturday, 10:30am-7:30pm
Sunday-Monday, 11am-4pm

Idea Red Boutique
3346 S. Peoria Ave.
(918) 949-6950
Monday–Wednesday, 10:30–6:30
Thursday–Saturday 10:30–open til we’re closed
Sunday, 12- 4
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Territory Mom said...

Those are great t-shirts!!

Steve Cluck said...

Thank you, Tasha. I invite you and your readers to come to Santa Cluck's Holiday Party this Friday at Dwelling Spaces, 7-9pm. You will get free "DON'T HATE THE 918" postcards and buttons with every purchase of Louis & Cluck T-shirts, dresses, or hoodies. There will be complimentary wine, music, candy, and special appearances by Santa Cluck and Santa's Helpers.

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