Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Have Five Minutes.

Say you're given a microphone, 20 Powerpoint slides and five minutes' worth of the attention of a room full of Tulsa's movers and shakers.

Now what?

Good question. Before you give it your best shot, why not see how other folks - a librarian, a computer scientist, an author, an attorney, just to name a few - would do it first?

If you like to think, laugh and befriend people with some of the best connections this city has to offer, then you'd better be at Blue Dome Diner (downtown at Second and Elgin) at 7pm and ready to tune in to rapid-fire talks on topics from technology to entrepreneurship to sustainability, by folks from Sean Griffin, Michael Bates, Jeff Martin, William Paiva, Geoffrey Simpson and some dude named Matthew Galloway.

Did I mention that with each RSVP comes free drink tickets? And that it's free to RSVP in the first place? And that a mystery competition and I are hurtling through space and time together toward a shared destiny?

It's all true. So very, very true. Especially the parts where I twice wrote the word "free" and the bit about me and a double secret probation-style competition being inextricably intertwined.

See you tonight. Punks.

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