Thursday, September 24, 2009

GrooveLily. Plus, A Giveaway.

One of the many hip things going on in Tulsa tomorrow night (Friday) is this GrooveLily concert downtown at the Tulsa PAC.

Now, this isn't your typical PAC musical act. We're talking Broadway-inspired tunes performed in the styles of jazz, folk and rock. There will be magic. There will be the soothing away of those workweek worries.

There will be electric violins.

In the words of that beacon of American pop culture Paris Hilton, "That's hott." It really, really is.

I took the opportunity to peruse the band’s Web site and download some tunes, and I ended up spending all day listening to mp3s and watching their videos on YouTube...

The really beautiful thing about GrooveLily’s music is that, though lovely melodies and rhythms, the band tells marvelous stories. A large portion of the band’s repertoire is its rock musicals, which turn age-old moral tales on their heads, giving them a new spin, to tell smart, humorous, creative stories.

If you find yourself unconvinced and not sufficiently motivated to get on the Tulsa PAC Web site and order your tickets for Friday's show right freaking now, have a listen. Prepare to be altered. Or, altared. One of the great things about Tulsa is that it's okay to have a public religious experience here - no one seems to mind.

If you'd go but can't spare the cash, try your luck to win a pair of tickets from Holly. She's giving away five (FIVE!) pairs of tickets to the show, and all you have to do is tell her about your favorite fable or moral story. You have until 8 in the morning to get into the drawing, so you best hop to it and enter now.

Good luck, everyone. See you at the show.

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