Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Divas Gone Wild

DIVAS 2009

If you don't know this little tidbit about Tulsa already, you really should be told:

Some of the best original music in the country has come and continues to come from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Rather than mark up your datebook with multiple events in search of the hottest musical acts in this town (though you'll want to anyway after this), make plans to be at the Tulsa Zoo this weekend for DIVAS 2009, the eighth annual benefit concert for H.O.P.E., a local organization that makes its mission the prevention of HIV and the promotion of health services and, obviously, rocks in its own right.

Get a load of the goods:

DIVAS 2009

The girls, slated to cover our classic favorites (click the links to get a preview of the music): Rebecca Ungerman, who's producing the event. Cindy Cain. Pam Van Dyke. Christy Hanewinkel of The Red Alert. Fiawna Forte. Kelly Morrison. Janet Rutland. Emcee is the fabulous Mia Fleming of Fox 23. Oh, and don't forget the (lucky) boys: John Sawyer and Darrell Christopher.

The combined talent of these artists includes experience on Broadway, national and international cabaret tours and local Spot Music and Absolute Best of Tulsa Music Awards.

The night: The evening gala edition is this Saturday, 8pm. Or, catch the no-frills matinee show Sunday at 4pm.

The place: Tulsa Zoo in the H.A. Chapman Event Lodge

The price: $15-40 for general admission seating

That is, unless you're feeling lucky. Then there's no admission price at all.

Whoever's entry in the comments below is chosen by gets his or her choice of two general admission tickets to Saturday night's event, or two tickets, front and center, in the general admission section on Sunday.

What to put in your comment? Your favorite artist or musical group of all time. Don't worry about your choice marring your chances in this contest. I might judge you, but the computers at, they feel no disgust. Be thee not afraid, but be thee hasty. Have your entry in the comments by tomorrow (Thursday) at 9pm.

This event isn't all about music, mind you. Look also for the silent and live auctions, dancing, hors d'oeuvres and drinks. Proceeds from the event will help support H.O.P.E. programs like prevention education about HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other STDs; the only statewide, 24-hour HIV/STD resource hotline and the only free, anonymous testing and counseling facility in the entire state.

DIVAS 2009

Here's the deal about HIV and other STDs: Young people and minorities are disproportionately affected, but HIV doesn't discriminate. Know your status - meaning, get tested regularly - and you're better able to protect yourself and others. Prevention education and testing are the keys to decreasing the stigma and infection rate of HIV.

As the saying goes, if you don't have your health, you don't have anything at all. If public health isn't worth our attention and investment, then I don't know what is.

DIVAS 2009

To trade cash for tickets to this year's DIVAS event, call H.O.P.E. at 918.749.8378 or visit H.O.P.E. on the Web.

For those of you letting it ride by entering the contest for free tickets: Good luck! Remember, when 9pm tomorrow rolls around, this contest goes into pumpkin mode.


Grober said...

My favorite artist is Fiona Apple - she is certainly a diva.

Anonymous said...

Diana Ross and the Supremes

Erica said...

Favorite artist is Rufus Wainwright, and he is a diva - not only that, he sings a song about Tulsa. :)

Anonymous said...

I like a performer who does it Justin Timberlake.

September Boles said...

My favorite diva...Tina Turner, Diana Ross or Cher...

--September C. Boles

kitschdeva said...

Bob Dylan

david royse said...

my favorite is Garth Brooks, local with great music.

David R

Gigi said...

I love Hootie and the Blowfish

Electa said...

my favorite performer is ryan red corn.

Western Doughty said...

Rebecca Ungerman can do no wrong! I love her!

talktome said...

I like the Cathedrals! ;)

Morgan said...

Love Norah Jones!

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